Want expert advice on French Door Refrigerator? I’ve spent more than 235 hours researching, reviewing, testing and comparing more than 175 models to choose the 9 best models in the US market!

Refrigerators are not what they used to be. They still continue to be a necessity but have become the finest. Not only has the market share grown by leaps and bounds, but the manner in which the engineering and utility of refrigerators are perceived has seen a one-eighty degrees transformation.

Best French Door Refrigerators
Best French Door Refrigerators © EvaChill

To many, an idea of visualizing refrigerators might still be conventional: a freezer atop the body of the fridge. However, technologies have become smart and sophisticated, and the features of refrigerators today are more than what meets the eye. Now, there are different types of refrigerators which serve different purposes.

In this article, we give you a detailed yet precise account of a new category of refrigerators ruling the market currently. The piece de resistance of this discussion is a French door refrigerator.

The article shall walk you through certain important facts such as the meaning of a French door refrigerator, essential features of a French door refrigerator, some of the best models in the market, their description, pros and cons of each refrigerator model. We are quite sure that by the end of this article, you will land the best french-door style refrigerator available in the market and make a wise purchase decision. Here we go!

What is a French door refrigerator?

One of the common struggles of every refrigerator user is the arduous task of bending down to scrounge for fruits and veggies, shoved in the crisper drawer of the fridge. Not anymore, though. Enter the almighty French door refrigerator, one of the trending products in the world of refrigeration technology.

A French door refrigerator comes with a side by side fridge, atop a freezer. So basically, the convenience of access is achieved, given the eye level with which shelves and drawers inside the body of the fridge will be visible. The freezer resides at the bottom-most level of the entire body of this refrigerator.

The traditional French door refrigerator comes with a side by side door fridge on top of a bottom drawer which acts as the freezer in this case. However, the designs have evolved and gone beyond the conventional. There are French door refrigerators which have a side by side door at the bottom instead of a pull out drawer-like feature. This makes it two doors in a single French door refrigerator.

Again, these refrigerators come with easy convertibility of fridge to a freezer and vice versa. Also embodied in some of the French door refrigerators these days is a door within a door feature. It means that an additional door within a section of the fridge. Now, this has some important advantages.

An additional door facility can help maintain the required temperature without forgoing any cooling or loss of temperature. The finely divided slots also keep the commodities in their respective places with an easy reach to them whenever required.

French door refrigerators come with an excellent provision for an automated defrosting, saving on the energy requirement as was in the case of defrosting at regular intervals in previous models. The deodorizers within the refrigerator provide a conducive environment to keep the contents fresh and odor-free.

With the internet of things dominating the electronic appliances market, smart refrigerators have become a hot thing, and the French door refrigerators are no exception. Most French door refrigerators come today with internet facility so as to enable its user keep a tab of the list of contents inside the various slots of the refrigerator, regulate and keep a trace of the temperature inside the fridge even to the extent of playing music and videos on a refrigerator! Such is the beauty of innovative practices, which can enable one to make the most of a single appliance as a French door refrigerator.

Let us delve deeper into the iconic world of French door refrigerators through a product by product, model by model and a feature by feature rundown of the essential utilities and use of the technology; these refrigerators bring forth. The choicest of our selection makes up for the best French door refrigerator and brings to you the most intuitive features in terms of longevity, capacity, and durability, among others.

Weighing their pros against the cons will provide the buyer with a clear picture and a wise call for action. Let us get down to the business of chalking out some of the important French door refrigerator models one by one. So shall we finally begin with the list?

1. GE Profile Series French Door Refrigerator

GE Profile Series French Door Refrigerator
GE Profile Series French Door Refrigerator
  • The total capacity of the refrigerator is 27.8 Cu Ft
  • Product dimensions are 35 ¾ in (W) x 69 7/8 in (H) x 36 ¼ in (D) 
  • It is Energy Star qualified
  • Comes with freezer capacity of 9.17 cu ft and fresh food capacity of 18.66 cu ft
  • Comes with one year warranty on the appliance and 5-year warranty on the sealed refrigerating system

The GE Profile Series French door Refrigerator is like no other. It comes with a Keurig K cup brewing system on the door of the fridge, making a one-stop-shop for both hot and cold.  With the basic fridge and freezer section maintaining two different climates, it keeps the items stored fresh for a longer duration. It has a side by side door fridge on top of a pull out drawer freezer. With a quick and flexible storage provision, it comes with a drop-down tray to be used when needed and slid back conveniently when not. The TurboCool feature helps refrigerator maintain its ideal temperature, making it energy efficient.

For clearer visibility of items stored inside the refrigerator, the GE Profile Series French door refrigerator comes with a showcase lighting facility with LEDs positioned inside the doors of the refrigerator. One outstanding aspect of this refrigerator is its advanced water filtration technology, which is known to remove certain impurities from water and ice.

The Wi-Fi-enabled French door refrigerator follows a host of instructions such as heating up coffee, tea or water through voice control and even alerting one in case the refrigerator door is left open. In this regard, it is configured to work with Amazon ALEXA, Google Assistant and IFTTT. Weighing 370 lb, this beautiful Black stainless steel French door refrigerator comes with a spill-proof dairy compartment and space-saving icemaker. It has an efficient TwinChill temperature management system. 

  • The Keurig coffee maker feature in this refrigerator is probably the best differentiator.
  • The door does not look symmetrical.

2. Maytag Wide French door Steel refrigerator:

Maytag Wide French door Steel refrigerator
Maytag Wide French door Steel refrigerator
  • Total Capacity of the refrigerator is 27 Cu ft
  • Product dimensions are 36 in x 70 in x 35 in
  • It is Energy Star certified
  • It comes with a 10-year limited parts warranty on compressor
  • Its stainless steel make is resistant to fingerprints

The elegantly designed Maytag Wide French door refrigerator is a hallmark of storage and strength combined. The temperature control and humidity control features enable to keep the produce fresh and maintain its quality over a longer period of time with its producer preserver. It comes with a removable ice dispensing provision and a 36-inch wide shelf space.

The highly compartmentalized wide drawers have a larger capacity to store a wide variety of large platter food items. Embodied is a metal slide shelf, which keeps up with the requirements with a durable full-width metal slide-out function.

The scientifically tested the refrigerator’s energy-efficient LED lighting system enables to let one get a clear view of the items inside. This French door refrigerator is beautiful inside out, keeping smudges and fingerprints at bay with the stainless steel made of its surface.

  • The functioning is quiet.
  • There is enough room to store all your products.
  • It is visually organized with proper dividers.
  • It is one of the most affordable models.
  • The door shelves cool for a longer period.
  • It stands covered for with a longer warranty.
  • No cons found.

3. Samsung Family Hub French door refrigerator

Samsung Family Hub French door refrigerator
Samsung Family Hub French door refrigerator
  • The refrigerator has a total capacity of 28 Cu Ft.
  • It has product dimensions of 36 in x 72 in x 29 in
  • It is Energy Star certified
  • The product comes with four doors and Wi-Fi enabled tab
  • It comes with stainless steel surface resistant to fingerprint smudges

When it comes to major electrical and home appliances market, especially refrigeration segment, Samsung is definitely an innovative force to be reckoned with. The large market share, increased sales volume are a testimony to the fact that this brand is nothing short of being generically accepted.

And as the name of the model goes, Samsung Family Hub French door refrigerator is another innovative brainchild of the elite Samsung technology.

Gone are the days when one used to put up sticky notes on the fridge for reminders and day to day orders. It not only cluttered the space on your refrigerator but added to a lot of confusion as well. Enter Samsung Family Hub French door refrigerator, and it makes human requirements surely effortless.

The Family Hub feature, as the name suggests, comes with an inbuilt Wi-Fi enabled touch screen, with which users can easily customize memos, shopping orders, notes and what not! It also allows one to have a look what’s inside the fridge with three inbuilt cameras inside the refrigerator without having to open it more often.

Endowed with two freezer slots on either side of the doors and one shelf for extra fridge storage, this black beauty, with its high tech capabilities, is a must-have to get the kitchen of your dreams. No wonder it is just more than a fridge!

It is simply a refrigerator with a story: the one of establishing family connections with technology, entertainment, and upgrading lists and activities, providing energy-efficient solutions and all this with the power of one device.

The Customers have expressed love with this product, and its one and only USP is the number of services the French refrigerator caters to in a single operation.

As for the best French door refrigeration technology, Samsung family Hub has definitely pushed the bars high.

  • The FamilyHub comes with an intelligent and efficient voice assistant.
  • A lot of devices at home can be connected and operated with this refrigerator.
  • The refrigerator comes with three in-built cameras.
  • The smart touch screen enables one to keep a tab of to-do lists, maintain grocery and even switch to entertainment.
  • It comes with a triple cooling system to keep items fresh.
  • Comes with an ice master producing larger volumes per day.
  • Above all, it has versatile features in addition to basic refrigeration.
  • Maintaining the hinges of 4 doors can be tedious sometimes.

4. Electrolux IQ-Touch Series French-Door Refrigerator

Electrolux IQ-Touch Series French-Door Refrigerator
Electrolux IQ-Touch Series French-Door Refrigerator
  • Total Capacity of the refrigerator is 22 ft
  • Product dimensions are 36 x 70 x 28 inches
  • It is Energy Star certified
  • It comes with a 3-years limited parts warranty on compressor
  • Perfect organization system

The Swedish multinational company never ceases to gain five-star compliments from its customers. This range makes the process even more enjoyable by displaying excellent features. The firm has been making the housework easier and affordable. A highly innovative product series with IQ Touch control panel with virtual variable options.

The smooth gliding of doors and well-finished surface make the users spellbound. A pre-installed system for notification of power failure and prolonged opening of the door which increases the temperature in the interior part is a smart feature. This modern and stylish refrigerator from the brand Electrolux is a bliss for the urbane customers who want to organize and store their beverages and food perfectly. It comes with a metallic door finish, crisper drawers and perfect door storage tilts.

The best thing is that it can fit in perfectly at any corner of your home and it comes with a LED light to make the inside area of the fridge visible. It’s spacious and comes with a condiment shelf to keep your food organized. The digital touch control makes it easy to operate. The energy-efficient model is quite economical and won’t dig a hole in your pocket with a huge electricity bill due to its excessive use.

You can choose the perfect humidity to store the varied range of food items. Glass shelves placed in the refrigerator are adjustable and slide out easily to offer complete flexibility.

It has an easy to use control panel and comes with vacation mode to increase the period between the automatic defrost cycles. With an impressionable design and myriads of features, it stands out as the most ergonomic and convenient model available in the market with features that can’t be outmatched by any other model.

  • Comes with an unmatched interior
    and an impressionable design.
  • Maximum storage versatility to
    allow a huge range of items to be stored inside it.
  • Energy-efficient to make sure that the electricity bill is in control.
  • Maintains a steady temperature.
  • Comes with an alarm in case the
    temperature goes too high.
  • Dedicated meat drawer to maintain
    the cold temperature.
  • Glass shelves offer lots of
  • Not a very popular brand name, but makes good models.

It brings out the replication of the retro era with its ergonomic design and is loaded with features that can make it worth every penny that you spend while buying it.

5. Kenmore Elite 74027 French-Door Refrigerator

Kenmore Elite 74027 French-Door Refrigerator
Kenmore Elite 74027 French-Door Refrigerator
  • Total Capacity of the refrigerator is 29.8 cubic_ft
  • Product dimensions are 36.2 x 35.8 x 70.2 inches
  • It is Energy Star certified.

If you’re looking for a refrigerator that can be the finest blend of superior compact design yet big storage, then this recent addition from Kenmore can be the perfect find for you. It uses GeniusCool technology for digital temperature control, and the electronic sensors keep all your food fresh.

Equipped with the superlative dual air-cooled system, the Kenmore Elite French Door Refrigerator continues to rule the market. The energy-efficient model is the perfect product that can match up your expectations of prepossessing kitchen décor.

The dynamic features have helped gain a top-notch in overcoming the drawbacks of the olde worlde models. It has managed to become the “hot favorite” among the consumers. A dairy shelf and a snack bin provide easy access.

It comes with gallon-size bins that are perfect for storing large bottles. The slim indoor ice storage allows you to keep your beverages cool. The black stainless steel finish of this refrigerator is fingerprint and smudge resistant, so it’s ideal for daily use. The filters for CleanFlow of air circulate air and help in maintaining freshness in your home. The built-in water dispenser makes it extremely easy to fill your water bottles and pitchers.

The best thing is that the temperature won’t differ from shelf to shelf. Therefore, you can store food in any compartment. It also has easy to use digital control and a drawer plus two trays for perfect organization. For the extensive features that it offers at such a great price, this refrigerator can’t be missed.

  • Comes with a premium look at a very affordable price.
  • Offers great storage space to store your food and large bottles.
  • Comes with a stainless steel finish which makes it’s maintenance easy.
  • The control panel is extremely easy to use, and the temperature doesn’t vary from shelf to shelf.
  • A big win for the price at which it comes.
  • Does not have an extended warranty.

6. GE Café French-Door Refrigerator

GE Café French-Door Refrigerator
GE Café French-Door Refrigerator
  • Total Capacity of the refrigerator is 28.6 cubic ft.
  • Product dimensions are 36 x 36 x 69.1inches.
  • It is Energy Star certified.

This is another outstanding and innovative creation of GE Cafe that has been tested to operate efficiently with twin chill system of evaporation and precise hands-free fill. Going all the way back to those vintage designs, the classy framed handles of the door look fascinating. The GE Cafe French Door Fridge proves it very convenient for a large kitchen.

There is enough clearance room for the closure and swinging of doors. It has been growing in popularity ever since the launch. There is more room to open the doors without bumping into something. It comes in an elegant and customizable design. Both the freezer and the fridge keep the temperature consistent for the preservation of food in an ideal way.

The durability of this refrigerator prevents it from any kind of damage. The expressive exteriors can make your eyeballs glued to its innovative design. It’s rust-resistant and comes with LED light so that you can easily peek inside it even in the dark. The company has devised it to be energy efficient so that you can keep a check on your electricity bill.

The high end touches like spill-proof door bins, and smooth gliding shelves make it easier to operate. The crispers do a commendable job in retaining the moisture. It should be a definite addition to your home.

  • A great addition to your home for everyday use.
  • It offers plenty of space for storage of food and beverages.
  • The water dispenser automatically fills the containers.
  • It is energy efficient to make sure that your electricity bill is not too high.
  • Comes with an interior light to operate it easily even in the dark.
  • The price is a bit on the higher side.
  • With the emancipation of the best technology and durable finish, you can’t find any negative aspects in this high-performing refrigerator. The sleek interior and durable finish make it a clear winner in the line of all its competitors.

    7. Viking 3 Series French Door Refrigerator

    Viking 3 Series French Door Refrigerator
    Viking 3 Series French Door Refrigerator
    • Product dimensions are 35 x 69 x 29 inches
    • Total Capacity of the refrigerator is 15.4 cubic ft
    • It is Energy Star certified.
    • It comes with a three years limited warranty on parts and labor.

    This is yet another impressive line of the refrigerator from Viking that’s a must buy to host a get-together or any celebration or even for your personal use. The best thing about it is that it has great storage capacity, and it can integrate seamlessly with the interior of your kitchen.

    There are three shelves inside the fridge that make it extremely easy to pull them out and organize the food items. It comes with LED light so that you can peek inside it. The air circulation system enables it to keep odor outside and fresh air inside.

    It does not have an ice dispenser and a water dispenser in the door which gives it a built-in look. The compact design makes it fit easily in any corner of your home. So get ready to keep your drinks and beverages cool in the best way with this refrigerator from Viking.

    If we keep this point aside, this french door refrigerator is a must buy if you’re looking for an affordable and compact option that offers you great storage and extraordinary performance.

    • Comes with an LED lighting system.
    • Has a compact and innovative design.
    • It has a sleek design that fits well with your cabinets.
    • Comes with an option to adjust the temperature.
    • Durable finish and superior features.
    • Does not have an ice or water dispenser in the door.

    8. Miele PerfectCool Series French Door Refrigerator

    Miele PerfectCool Series French Door Refrigerator
    Miele PerfectCool Series French Door Refrigerator
    • Total Capacity of the refrigerator is 18.9 cubic ft
    • Product dimensions are 36 x 80 x 24 inches
    • It is Energy Star certified
    • It is a premium luxury style french door fridge.
    • Warranty details not available.

    Turn on happiness and excitement in your life with this innovative addition from Miele that provides plenty of space for all your storage needs. With an impressive design and stainless steel finish, it increases the overall appeal of your kitchen. It comes with freeze drawers to make sure that your drinks remain fresh.

    It has an auto defrost mechanism that allows you to maintain your refrigerator ideally. The door shelves are completely dishwasher-proof and allow optimum air humidity and storage temperature for perishables. The price at which it comes is definitely a plus point to buy it without a second thought.

    The gentle self-closing door further makes it’s maintenance easier and prevent it from falling out. It comes with extremely good capacity and impressive looks.

    • Comes with an impressive stainless steel finish.
    • The sleek design can grab the eyeball of the people towards its innovative look.
    • The PerfectFresh feature enables you to store food items and beverages for a longer time.
    • Comes with a self-closing door for easy operation.
    • The compact size allows you to place it easily at any corner of your home.
    • Scratch-resistant worktop makes it durable.
    • The price may upset if you have a limited budget.

    If you’re looking for the best in features and the most impressive design in a refrigerator, then Miele Perfectcool series is a must-buy for you.

    9. KitchenAid French Door Refrigerator

    KitchenAid French Door Refrigerator
    KitchenAid French Door Refrigerator
    • Total Capacity of the refrigerator is 568 L.
    • Product dimensions are 36 x 68 x 26 inches
    • It is Energy Star certified
    • It comes with a 1-year limited warranty on product and ten years on compressor.

    This refrigerator from KitchenAid is the perfect blend of innovative style and extraordinary performance. With ample space and supreme state of the art technology, it can accommodate each of your indulgences. It offers excellent humidity and temperature control, along with features like adjustable shelves.

    It has five shelves which fold up and slide back to give more space for tall items. It has a pizza pocket that helps you in maximizing the storage space. The undershelf lighting makes it very comfortable to use. The platinum-colored walls with a wooden accent and beautiful LED lighting make it look very royal and extravagant.

    You can even choose to fill the pitcher or glass with twenty-four or sixteen ounces of water while dispensing water. Loaded with mind-blowing features, the investment into this refrigerator will be the right decision.

    • Comes with an impressive stainless steel finish.
    • Has a very extravagant and royal look.
    • The LED light helps in having a glimpse of the interior area efficiently.
    • The pro design and convenient operation make it an impressive choice.
    • A bit expensive but gives value for money.

    French Door Refrigerator – The Buyer’s Guide

    This is an informative section where I’ve researched about the factors, features, and specs that actually matter!

    If you’re planning to buy a french door refrigerator, then don’t just choose a model thinking about its affordable price but also look at the overall package that it offers. It might be that the model might be very affordable and impressive in looks, but what if it is not energy efficient and does not have enough storage space. Although you are buying this style because of its look and sophisticated technology, it’s not just going to be a showpiece in your kitchen.

    Remember, it’s a big decision as a french door refrigerator is the most important utility tool in your kitchen. You rely on it totally to keep your food fresh and healthy. You would never want to turn your purchase into an eyesore just by avoiding the important checklist. You’ll never be able to cope up with the ratcheting energy bill that can come if it’s not energy efficient. From configuration to size to features, you need to have a look at all the important aspects of paving the way to big savings.

    1. Never overlook the Energy Star rating

    Many people just look at the price and finalize the deal for any ordinary refrigerator. But later when they bring it home, it becomes a big burden because the refrigerator is not energy efficient and it leads to ever rocketing electricity bill. Remember, energy star should be your first choice while looking for the best refrigerator in the market as it will not only save money but will also protect the environment.

    With the recent improvement in insulation technology and the compressor system, the companies are producing more energy-efficient refrigerators. Pave the way to reduce the carbon footprint and generate savings by buying an energy-efficient refrigerator.

    2. Top-mounted Freezer should be your first choice, But not always

    With the advancement in technology, the refrigerators, today are sold in a different configuration such as bottom freezer, top freezer, and side by side. You don’t need to buy your present refrigerator with the configuration which was there in your older refrigerator as there has been a massive change in the features and technology.

    When you look for a refrigerator in the market, always select the one with a top-freezer function that has earned energy star for using less energy than your sixty-watt bulb. Top freeze refrigerators use the least energy and are affordably priced. On average buying, a top freezer refrigerator will cost you around USD25 per year to run while side by side door fridge will cost you around USD75 and bottom freeze will cost you around USD55.

    3. Purchase a refrigerator that is appropriately sized

    Generally, the energy consumption is higher if your refrigerator is larger. The most energy-efficient refrigerator models lie between 16-20 cubic feet. Many people keep the old refrigerator after replacing it with the new one for cold storage. If you feel that your refrigeration needs can’t be met aptly by one refrigerator, then you should make sure that the second freezer or refrigerator is energy efficient and not bigger than the size that you want.

    4. Consider the features that matter you the most

    Nowadays, you can find tons of features installed in your refrigerator. But before buying a refrigerator, you need to make sure which features actually matter for you for all your refrigeration needs. Whether you’ll need hot water or an icemaker through the door ice or both? Pay only for what your needs are because it’s a lifetime investment and your refrigerator will be with you for years. So make sure it fulfills all your needs in the best way.

    5. Check the finish

    In today’s time, stainless still finish refrigerators have become the first choice of the people. It’s basically because of their unifying and neutral look that resists fingerprint and other mild stain and are easy to maintain. You can also go for built-in panels that easily blend with your cabinets.

    6. Noise is a big NO

    It’s important to check whether the refrigerator you’re buying is quiet or not. If it makes noise, then you’ll not only feel uneasy operating it, but it will also disturb the peace of your home. Many standard refrigerators in the market stand out among the audience for their quiet operation. So choose only those options that work without giving a hint that they’re operating.

    French Door Refrigerator – The History

    Every product has a story to tell. Surely, major appliances come with a major history and are backed by great men of the times who made breakthrough discoveries. The refrigerators, especially french door refrigerators are no exception. The USA is replete with instances of how the idea of a cooling technology was first conceived and how it transcended boundaries to be adopted by the entire world.

    Well, it was in the year 1805, US inventor Oliver Evans brought to fore a prototype of first refrigeration technology which used vapor instead of liquid for cooling purposes. What followed this premise was the invention of the refrigerator in 1844 by US physician John Gorrie to cure yellow fever patients. Necessity birthed the invention of refrigerators from where started the revolution in cooling technology.

    Final Verdict

    So these are some of the most innovative and feature enriched refrigerators that can not only transform the appearance of your kitchen but can also make sure that your food stays fresh and healthy.

    We have done vigorous research before presenting these top models before you and have tried to include even the minor details about them so that you can take a solid decision if you’re up to buying a refrigerator. We understand that even one misleading information can have a huge impact on your decision to buy such an expensive item and therefore we have tried only to provide the correct information about these models.

    This list only includes the best models and with the description, features, pros, and cons about each of these products we hope that you’ll get a greater idea about which one among them will suit your needs.

    We hope our effort in presenting to you the most detailed and well-researched information about each of these models will help you in making an informed decision. So what are you waiting for? Don’t wait to make these high-performance refrigerators the pride of your home! We wish you a memorable and Happy buying!