Does Australia care more about recycling or Macca’s?

Recycling and McDonald's are 2 huge topics that we’re sure everyone has an opinion on. If you ask any Australian we bet they either recycle, regularly eat Macca’s, or do both. So we decided to put them to the test to find out whether Australia cares more about recycling or Macca’s.


Australia and recycling

First let’s look at recycling to see how passionate Australians are about reducing waste. Overall, Australia generate 2,140kg of waste per capita and 51% of this household waste gets recycled.

Here’s how much each state recycles:

1. 67% - South Australia.

2. 59% - New South Wales.

3. 54% - Victoria.

4. 45% - Queensland.

5. 31% - Western Australia.

6. 15% - Tasmania.

7. 4% - Northern Territory.

So South Australia is storming ahead with recycling whereas the Northern Territory is pretty tragic.

Australia and Macca’s

Macca’s has been open in Australia since 1971 and now has 900 restaurants all across Australia. The Enhanced Media Metrics Australia report shows that McDonald’s is Australia’s most popular fast food restaurant with more than 1,000,000 Aussies eating in a Macca’s every day.

According to The EMMA, 45% of Australians tend to eat fast food at least once a month. Whereas young Australians aged between 14-29 are the most likely to eat fast food and 60% in this age range tend to eat fast food at least once a month.


Recycling vs Macca’s in Australia

The best way we could think to compare recycling to Macca’s is through Google Web searches. So we had a look to see whether Australia searched more for recycling or for Macca’s in 2016.



As you can see in our map of Australia, 2 out of 7 Australian states searched for recycling more than Macca’s in web searches. Whereas, 5 out of 7 Australian states searched for recycling more than Macca’s in news searches


Recycling vs McDonald's in Australia

We also looked at the search term McDonald’s and compared it to the number of searches for recycling.





You can see in the results that the Northern Territory really does seem to care more about recycling than Macca’s and more about recycling news than McDonald’s news. This is rather odd though since we can see in the recycling stats above that only 4% of waste in the Northern Territory is recycled!

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