Evachill drink ideas: frozen blueberry lemonade

It’s at the height of summer in Australia and it is HOT! We’re experiencing some serious heat during the day. What’s the best way to cool down on a scorching hot summer’s day? Air conditioning (of course) and frozen drinks because frankly no one can ever have too much ice!

We’ve decided to take on a classic drink in our latest Evachill drink ideas. We’re tackling lemonade but with a frozen twist because it’s too hot for any drink to contain less than a bucket of ice as standard. We’ve gone for frozen blueberry lemonade because it tastes delicious and blueberries are amazingly good for you to eat. Blueberries are actually one of the richest sources of antioxidants, contain tonnes of vitamins, and are just overall really good for your health.

When life gives you lemons…make lemonade!


How to make the perfect frozen blueberry lemonade

Evachill drink ideas the perfect frozen blueberry lemonade


3 cups of blueberries

1 cup of lemonade

1/2 cup of fresh mint leaves

1/4 cup of confectioners’ sugar

3 cups of ice



1. Put all of the ingredients into a blender.

2. Puree until smooth.

3. Enjoy the perfect frozen blueberry lemonade.


Frozen blueberry lemonade is a great, tasty drink for kids. It’s particularly useful for kids who are fussy about eating fruit. We recommend whipping up a batch, pouring it into your Evachill bottle and taking it to the park. The bottle will keep your frozen lemonade frozen for hours for you to enjoy.

Alcoholic varieties of lemonade are referred to as hard lemonade. So if you fancy adding a little kick to your drink, turn it into a frozen blueberry hard lemonade with vodka. Simply pour in 2 shots of vodka (or more if you’re feeling particularly adventurous) and enjoy.

Why not make a batch of alcoholic frozen blueberry lemonade, pour it into your Evachill bottle and enjoy frozen drinks by the pool all day.

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