Health and nutrition experts reveal their top 3 tips to stay healthy in 2017

Health and nutrition experts reveal their top 3 tips to stay healthy in 2017


We’re super excited to bring you this expert roundup post because we think it covers a topic that can be really beneficial to everyone. It’s 2017 and the start of a new year which means lots of new years resolutions have been made. One of the big ones everyone always wants to achieve is to stay healthy.

There’s so much information all around the Internet with health tips but which ones are worth following? We wanted to put together a roundup of actually useful information from people who really know what they’re talking about.

So we reached out to lifestyle bloggers, health gurus and nutrition experts from Australia who are all extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to helping people live healthier and happier lives. In particular, we wanted to know their top 3 tips to stay healthy in 2017. We were absolutely thrilled with the excellent responses we received and the insight that these experts have shared!

There are some really great health tips here so we hope you enjoy, find them useful, and discover some excellent new gurus to follow on social media.


The experts have spoken: their top 3 tips to stay healthy in 2017

Lee Holmes 

What are your top 3 tips to stay healthy in 2017 - Lee Holmes from Super Charged Food

Lee focuses on delicious anti-inflammatory, gluten, wheat, dairy, yeast and sugar-free recipes and has won the Bupa Health Influencer of the Year award.

Lee’s Top Tips:

“1. Remember to unplug! Set aside time every day for a period of digital detox. 

2. Get more negative ions in your life- wash clothes and dry them in the sun, get down to the beach, swim or hang out into nature.

3. If 2016 was the year of the avocado 2017 is the year of peas! Give peas a chance this year. Smash em bash em and use them in squeak.”

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Karla Gilbert

What are your top 3 tips to stay healthy in 2017 - Iron mum Karla GilbertKarla is an accredited health, lifestyle, food and wellness coach. She specialises in a 7 week healthy habit program and individual coaching.

Karla’s Top Tips:

“My top tips for staying healthy in 2017 is really 3 wrapped into 1. Make lifestyle changes that will not only see you through the new year but also beyond. Explore your unconscious habits and how these may be creating an unhealthy lifestyle. Once awareness is brought to the surface only then can change happen through consistent strategies.”

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Jen Shaw

What are your top 3 tips to stay healthy in 2017 - Jen Shaw from Barefoot KitchensJen is a mum to 7, author and health motivator. She helps families and everyday people with recipes for healthy and easy to prepare food.

Jen’s Top Tips:

“1. Simplify. Rather than looking for more things to add to your lifestyle, have a look at where you can simplify. Less fact recipes, pills, potions and promises and more of the back to basics stuff. 

2. Drink more water, so many of us are walking around dehydrated and confusing thirst for hunger, when i’m confusing thirst for hunger i’m looking for sugar which has my body begging even more for water and so the cycle continues. Ensuring your well hydrated is good for every cell in your body. 

3. Do more of what you love. When you are living a life fuelled with things you are passionate about and more of what you love you will live with less stress, and are more likely to take better care of you.”

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John Donaghey

What are your top 3 tips to stay healthy in 2017 - John Donaghey Human Design Health and FitnessJohn is a personal trainer in North Sydney. He has a great common sense approach to fitness and weight loss.

John’s Top Tips:

“1. Change one small habit at a time and build on it. You should be 90% confident that you can comfortably do the habit for example, perform a 10 minute walk everyday or eat one piece of fruit every day.

2. You must eat and exercise in a way that is enjoyable to you. You could tell me salmon is the healthiest food in the world but I still wouldn't eat it as I do not like the taste. Investigate and try healthy foods that you really enjoy and find a way of exercising that you actually look forward to.

3. Before you try a diet or training program, ask yourself - "Will I be able to sustain this for the rest of my life?". If you cannot answer with resounding confidence then do not do it. ”

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Alisha Lynch

What are your top 3 tips to stay healthy in 2017 - Alisha Lynch from Naughty Natropath MumAlisha offers the tools, techniques and products that you need to bring spiritual and emotional balance into your life. In particular, she helps you look after your family through her transformative flower essence blends.

Alisha’s Top Tips:

“1. Stay Hydrated! We are made up of around 60% water so keeping ourselves hydrated is extremely important for so many of our body functions. Our digestive system, nervous system, endocrine system and even how our skin and heart is functioning all depends on adequate water intake. So if you're feeling foggy, tired, hungry, cranky....have a water first!

2. Move daily. Even if it's just a walk around the block. Moving your body every day improves the length and quality of your sleep, wards off anxiety and depression and keeps your blood sugar levels and weight more stable. Daily movement also increases your happy hormone, serotonin, and keeps your muscles and bones in better condition.

3. Eat more wholefoods and as many plants as you can possibly fit into your daily diet! Plant foods contain phytochemicals which provide us with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fibre so the more veggies and fruit you can eat daily, the better. Always look at what you are eating and see if you have enough plant food on your plate. If not, add some! ”

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Kerry Athanassiou

What are your top 3 tips to stay healthy in 2017 - Kerry Athanassiou from Style CultureKerry is a top fashion stylist and fitness guru in Sydney. She has great advice and the personality to match.

Kerry’s Top Tips:

“This one is easy:

1. Healthy mind

2. Healthy body

3. Healthy life

I have always tried to live by the rule of eating well. When you eat well, you nourish your body & brain that in return allows you to feel good about yourself. So eat well and in return you will feel well that will allow you to dress well and live a happy life!”

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Jo Whitton 

What are your top 3 tips to stay healthy in 2017 - Jo Whitton from Quirky Cooking

Jo offers excellent tips and recipes for delicious, healing food, and happy, healthy living.

Jo’s Top Tips:

“1. Eat simple, real foods - not factory processed 'foods'.

2. Get out into nature as much as you can - fresh air, green trees, swimming at beaches and lakes and rivers, bare feet, sunshine, exercise!

3. Have restful sleep - switch off screens an hour before bed, turn the lights down and relax, and get to bed early enough to get the rest you need.”

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Lyndi Cohen

What are your top 3 tips to stay healthy in 2017 - Lyndi Cohen from The Nude NutritionistLyndi is a Sydney-based dietician known as The Nude Nutritionist. She really understands how hard and often how damaging diets can be. She simplifies everything to make staying healthy and losing weight super easy and delicious.

Lyndi’s Top Tips:

“1. Focus on what you can eat (like veggies, fruit, legumes) rather than what you can't eat. That way, you'll naturally fill up on the healthier stuff and won't feel deprived. 

2. Put your energy into adopting one new healthy habit at a time. Once that habit feels natural and easy, move onto the next. The biggest mistake you may be making is trying to change too much at one time (and then nothing ends up sticking!)

3. Detox your social media feed by unfollowing any people or 'friends' whose posts make you feel inadequate or not good enough. Many health-focused social media accounts can actually ruin your relationship with food and your body, encouraging you to adopt extreme measures to look a certain wait. Subscribe to accounts that focus on feeling healthy and energetic, rather than stripping body fat (at the cost of health!).”

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Annabel Symonds

What are your top 3 tips to stay healthy in 2017 - Annabel Symonds from Londoner in SydneyAnnabel is an expat living in Sydney who gives useful advice and tips to other expats living in Sydney or to those thinking of moving to Sydney.

Annabel’s Top Tips:

“1. Stay off the alcohol - last year I managed 8 months without a single drop of alcohol and it was the best thing I had ever done. Suddenly, I was sleeping better, I had way more energy and I was more focused and happy. I'll be doing the same again this year. 

2. Healthy Eating -  I spent years eating whatever I wanted and once I started to realise that food makes a huge difference with your state of mind and well being, I couldn't turn back. Luckily, Sydney has the best healthy food I've ever come across so it's pretty easy to stay healthy here. 

3. Move - luckily in Sydney we have access to some of the best walking paths and national parks around. I tend to swap the beach for hikes to wild swimming spots during the summer months. It's the best kind of hike, knowing you are going to end up at a secluded and beautiful swimming spot without the crowds of the beach.”

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Alexx Stuart

What are your top 3 tips to stay healthy in 2017 - Alexx Stuart from Low Tox LifeAlexx wants to help people make positive changes to not only their lives but also to the planet through healthy living. 

Alexx’s Top Tips:

“1. Understand that nothing is black or white. No 'one' diet style will suit everyone, one gelato in he summer time won't kill you, having to use the soap in a public loo the odd time isn't a disaster, no whole food is 'evil' outright... just that it might not work for some people and that might also not be forever. Relax knowing that you're doing your best most of the time and going with the flow of life for the rest and that's ok. 

2. Halve the grains double the veg for the simple fact that the more rainbow foods you eat from the plant world, regardless of what else is in the mix, you're flooding your body with micronutrients of all kinds and a tiny few wheels of zucchini or three bites of salad on your dinner plate doesn't cut it. 

3. Listen to YOUR body. You are your best health care professional, not some blog you read on the internet by a 'guru'. Only you can truly know what feels right for you whether it's food, exercise style, mindset improvements... Once you're honest with yourself and truly conscious of what's working and what's not, change is SO much easier to implement, rather than changing to whatever someone ELSE says is right for you.”

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