How to keep wine cold all day

Wine lovers are often faced with the dilemma of how to keep a bottle of wine cold all day. Sure you can keep it in the fridge or put it in an ice bucket, but there are times when theses are neither convenient nor available.

Wouldn't it be amazing to enjoy 24-hour cold wine without ever needing an esky or an ice bucket, and without ever leaving your seat to go to the fridge? That’s where Evachill comes in!

Evachill bottles were created to solve the problem of keeping drinks cold. This becomes particularly useful when you just want to enjoy cold wine without any hassle whilst at an event, with friends, on the beach, or basically any occasion that involves drinking.

All wine lovers have experienced the pain and horror of drinking a glass of warm wine. Is there really anything sadder than a glass of warm Sauvignon Blanc! We hope you’ll never have to experience this again because let’s face it, white wine is supposed to be enjoyed cold!

How to use an Evachill bottle to keep wine cold

We made a video to demonstrate just how easy it is to use an Evachill.


Step 1: Open your Evachill bottle by simply untwisting the lid.

Step 2: Open your bottle of wine.

Step 3: Pour your wine into your Evachill bottle.

Step 4: Screw the lid back on as tight as you can. 

Step 5: Enjoy cold wine that will stay fridge cold all day!

How does an Evachill bottle keep wine cold

There are 2 things that keeps your drinks cold inside an Evachill bottle. The first is the vacuum seal that’s created when the lid is screwed on tightly. The second is the premium double-walled stainless steel exterior. Both of these work together to make sure that wine can stay cold for up to 24 hours. 

You can see in our diagram below how the bottle is made.

 How the Evachill bottle is made to keep wine cold all day

1. Stainless steel outer wall

2. Superior vacuum insulation

3. Stainless steel inner wall 

4. Cold drink all day

Things you need to know 

Cold wine all day with Evachill bottles - food platter

You can put sparkling wine in your Evachill bottle. Anything with bubbles can go in your Evachill bottle and stay cold. In the video above we used a bottle of prosecco. Just make sure to pour slower that usual so it doesn’t bubble up and spill over the sides or you’ll waste precious wine! 

You can fit a bottle of wine in an Evachill. Our 750ml Evachill original bottle is exactly the right size to fill with an entire bottle of wine and will keep it cold for 24 hours. Infact that's the very reason we made our first Evachill bottle 750ml!

Evachill bottles are ideal to use anywhere you want to keep wine cold on the go. This can include parties, picnics, trips to the beach, at festivals, and even in your garden.  

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