Evachill review: The Espresso Broz give us 10/10

We're big coffee lovers at Evachill HQ and coffee is an essential part of our mornings. As coffee addicts we know that it's often hard to keep hot coffee hot and keep iced coffee ice cold. This is a particular problem if you're facing a commute or want to take coffee with you to enjoy on a day out. 

This is where our Evachill bottles can come in very handy! Our double-walled stainless steel beauties ensure that hot coffee stays piping hot for 12 hours, and ice coffee stays ice cold for 24 hours. Not that we'd need coffee to last that long, but it's nice to know that the option is there!

We've been a big fan of The Espresso Broz for a while now and like to follow their adventures finding the best options for coffee lovers in Sydney. We reached out to the boys and sent them 3 beautiful Evachill bottles to see what they thought. 

Evachill bottles get 10/10 all round from The Espresso Broz

Read their review of Evachill.

The Espresso Broz review Evachill 10/10

The Broz are in love with this product. We used and tested it for over a week in plus 40 weather. We think keeping it cold for 24 hours is an understatement. Our cold brew stayed icey for over 36 hours👍👍👍 here is what the Broz thought:

Jamie - Unbelievable. I left my Evachill bottle by accident in my hot car. Came back after an hour and a half to find the cold brew to be as cold as I left it. I knew then, that these bottles were legit. Whether it be taking water to a training session, some wine to the beach or even using as we did, with our cold brew coffee. 10/10

Jules - I found the Evachill bottle at its best when a few of us headed to the beach on a 44-degree day. The rest of the groups' drinks were hot within minutes, I was sipping on chilled coffee all day 😁😁 10/10

Jas - Gotta say this is the best bottle I've ever used. Jamie whipped me up a batch of cold brew last week as I was heading out to brave the 58-degree Sydney temps. I left the bottle on the table at the front door and went to do some modelling. When I returned later that night the cold brew was still the same temperature as when I left it. A horrible Jamie brew but freakishly still cold. Astonishing. 10/10


We're so delighted to find that The Espresso Broz adored their Evachills!  

Want to see why The Espresso Broz are fans? Grab yourself an Evachill bottle and let us know what you think! 

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