10 reasons why you need to own a reusable water bottle

Here at Evachill we’re big advocates for reusable bottles! Not only are reusable bottles much healthier for the environment, but they’re much healthier for you too! Plus a reusable water bottle will save you hundreds of dollars in the long run which is always a useful bonus.

So let’s look into why you should ditch the plastic bottles and grab a reusable water bottle instead.


1. They’re an environmentally friendly solution

Using a plastic bottle is really harmful to the world we live in. Yet unfortunately Australians buy over 118,000 tonnes of plastic water bottles every year and most of those bottles end up in landfills.

Once in a landfill plastic bottles can take over 1,000 years to bio-degrade and if they’re incinerated, they produce toxic fumes.

So probably the most crucial reason to make the switch to a reusable bottle is to do your bit to care for the world.


2. They save you money

The cost of buying plastic water bottles really adds up, particularly if buying bottled water becomes part of your weekly or daily routine.

In 2015, Australians bought over 726 million litres of water. The most popular bottled water in Australia averages out at $2.75 per litre. Therefore Australians have spent up to $2 billion dollars just on bottled water. That works out as more expensive per litre than milk or petrol!

Simply investing in a reusable water bottle will save you hundreds of dollars over time.


3. You have complete control over the water you drink

It’s always good to know what you’re putting into your body and exactly where it comes from. A reusable water bottle allows you to do just that.

Most bottle water is just water pumped from the ground at almost no cost to the companies bottling it. So essentially it’s no different than the quality of the water that you can get for free from your tap at home.

With a reusable water bottle you have complete control over the water source. You know the quality of the water you’re drinking, and if desired you can pour in filtered water to drink.


4. They’re healthier for you

It was very important for us at Evachill to design a product that was not only safe for the environment but safe for you using it too!

That’s why all of our Evachill bottles are 100% BPA free, 100% toxin free and 100% non-leaching.

We don’t use plastic, lead or any chemicals that may be harmful to your body.

This means that your drinks won’t be contaminated with any nasty chemicals or toxins. You won’t experience any nasty metallic taste when you drink from your bottle. And your beverage will remain fresh and completely safe to drink.


5. You’re not limited to using just water

The great thing about reusable bottles is that you’re not limited to just using them for water.

At Evachill we love to put all sorts of drinks in our bottles. You can put anything you like in your reusable bottle, from juice, smoothies, wine, and fizzy pop, the choice is yours.

We love putting a nice bottle of sauvignon blanc into our Evachill and popping in a few frozen grapes so we can have glasses of chilled wine all day.


6. They look great

Looks aren’t everything, but it’s a nice bonus. Let’s be honest, plastic bottles aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing things to carry around.

We designed our Evachill bottles to look elegant. That’s why they have a nice glossy white exterior and a slick silver logo. Our reusable Evachill bottles look nice and go with anything.

So whether you’re wearing casual clothes at a BBQ, swimwear on the beach, or a fancy outfit to a dinner party, you can take your Evachill bottle and it’ll look fab.


7. You can keep your drinks cold

One of the great benefits of using a reusable bottle is that it can potentially keep your drinks cold. Not all reusable bottles can do this, but our Evachill bottles can!

With ordinary plastic bottles the water might start off chilled but in the Australian heat it’ll soon go warm. And who wants warm water! As if that’s not bad enough whilst you water is warming, the bottle starts to get covered in condensation. So your hands or bag will just get wet.

With an Evachill bottle though you’ll have no condensation as the outside of the bottle stays completely dry and your drinks will stay cold for up to a massive 24 hours.


8. They’re super convenient

We all lead a busy lifestyle so convenience is important. You can go out an grab a bottle of water from a convenience store at a premium price, but what’s more convenient than that? Just filling up your reusable bottle at home.

Whether you’re going on a walk, heading off for work, or going to the park with your kids, a reusable bottle saves you the hassle of having to hunt down a corner shop or supermarket to buy your drinks.

Most public places in Australia now have water fountains to fill up your water bottles. So bring a reusable bottle on your next day out and you’ll have access to free water all day.


9. They last for years

If you refill a plastic water bottle then you’re likely to get maybe a couple of uses from it before you have to throw it away. Whereas a reusable bottle is made to last.

Our Evachill bottles are made from double walled stainless steel so they’re built to be used. So whatever lifestyle you lead and whichever activities you wish to partake, you will always have fresh water.

Whether you want to take your bottle backpacking, camping, or traveling, these bottles can take falls and knocks and will still work as new. You won’t get any leaks or breaking with stainless steel bottles!

If you care for your reusable bottle properly then you’re likely to see it last for years if not decades.


10. You end up drinking more

Having a reusable water bottle means you’ll always have access to water to drink on the go. If it’s there then you’re likely to keep taking sips of it without even having to think about it and soon the bottle is empty and ready to be refilled.

Sometimes it just isn’t practical or convenient to stop and grab a plastic bottle of water from a shop so you’d just go without water until you can stop and buy one.

In addition to this most plastic water bottles tend to be 350ml to 500ml and the 750ml or 1 litre bottles seem too big or necessary for a day out.

Our Evachill original bottles are 750ml and are smaller than you’d perceive! This also means that you can spend less time refilling your bottle and more time drinking and enjoying yourself.



So if you have yet to grab yourself a reusable water bottle, we hope you’ve been persuaded to ditch the plastic bottles. Save your health, save your dollars, and most importantly save the environment.


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