Where to get drinking water in Las Vegas

We recently went on a trip to Las Vegas and had an excellent time (stay tuned for our fabulous photo shoots!). Of course, being in the desert and regularly experiencing temperatures over 40 degrees it was very hot. With all that’s on offer in Vegas it’s sometimes easy to forget that you have to drink more than usual to prevent dehydration. So how did we stay hydrated in Vegas?

Where to get free drinking water in Las Vegas

Reusable water bottle

Where to get drinking water in Las Vegas - Evachill does Vegas with flamingo shirtsBuying water from shops on the strip is expensive (we found water ranging from $5 to $10 for a 350ml bottle!) and it comes in a plastic bottle. If you buy enough water daily to stay hydrated then that’s a lot of unnecessary single-use plastic and a lot of unnecessary dollars spent.

We, of course, came armed with several Evachill reusable bottles. They fit quite easily inside our handbags and because they hold 750ml of water each, filling several Evachill bottles was more than enough to keep our team hydrated every day.

Reusable water bottles are incredibly handy to carry with you in Las Vegas because every time you find a water source you can easily top up your bottles with water.

Water in Las Vegas hotels

Where to get drinking water in Las Vegas - Ice cold wine and water by the pool in Las Vegas

If you wish to gamble in the various hotels on the Las Vegas strip then you can get free drinks as you play. The free water comes in very small bottles though so you’d need a lot of them to stop dehydration.

If you go to your hotel's pool there's also usually a water dispenser with ice cold water that you can use as long as you're using the facilities. 

Can you drink the tap water in Las Vegas hotel rooms?

Yes. According to the Las Vegas Valley Water District, tap water meets or exceeds all federal Safe Drinking Water Act standards. It’s frequently and thoroughly tested to ensure that it’s safe to drink.

How do you get cold water for free in Las Vegas?

Each floor of the hotels should have an ice room where you can fill your ice bucket with ice. This is particularly useful if you have an Evachill bottle because you can then transfer the ice to the bottle and top up with tap water from your room.

Evachill bottles are made from premium double-walled stainless steel and are vacuum sealed so your ice will stay frozen for most of the day and the water will stay cold for 24 hours. Perfect for the Las Vegas desert heat!

Drinking water fountains

Unfortunately, Las Vegas has removed many of its public drinking fountains from the strip. They used to be scattered around the parking lots and hotels but now they’re a lot harder to find. Any drinking fountains that we did find were located outside of the restrooms.

There are still a large number of drinking fountains though that are located in malls and attractions that are not on the strip.


So that’s how we stayed hydrated in Las Vegas without spending loads of dollars on bottled water or contributing to the problem of single-use plastic bottles. Have you been to Las Vegas and have any tips to stay hydrated? Let us know in the comments!

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