Why you shouldn’t reuse plastic water bottles

Staying hydrated is essential, particularly as we’re nearing Summer in Australia, and we’re all about hydration at Evachill HQ. It might seem convenient sometimes to buy a plastic bottle of water and simply refill it when you’re thirsty. However, plastic water bottles are designed to be disposed of after only one use. Researchers advise to never reuse plastic water bottles and doing so can pose serious health hazards.

We did some research and looked at the latest studies on plastic water bottle use and the effects reusing them can have on our health. We noticed 2 main hazards that were continuously determined.

Plastic bottles are a breading ground for harmful bacteria. According to scientists, the ridges and tiny cracks in plastic bottles are the ideal place for dangerous bacteria to grow. In one study, an athlete’s water bottle was tested after it had been used for a week. The bottle contained over 900,000 colony forming units per square cm on average, which is more bacteria than on a standard toilet seat. In fact a massive 60% of the germs found could cause illness, and in some instances the norovirus was detected. Another study took 76 samples of water from plastic water bottles used by high school students. They found that nearly two-thirds of the samples had levels of bacteria that exceeded what would be considered safe to drink by the drinking water guidelines.

Plastic bottles leach toxic chemicals into the water. Repeated use of plastic water bottles increases the chance of toxic chemicals leaking from the plastic into the water. Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD notes that these chemicals "can have effects on every system in our bodies”. Even washing the plastic bottles can make it worse as Scott Belcher PhD says “"Heating will certainly increase the rate at which chemicals can migrate from the plastic”.

Plastic water bottles are only ever intended to be for one use. After that, it’s more hygienic and healthier for your body to recycle them. Of course, single-use plastic bottles have a huge negative impact on the environment so we highly encourage everyone to opt for a reusable bottle.

Scott Belcher PhD recommends using stainless steel bottles as an alternative to plastic water bottles. Luckily our Evachill reusable bottles are made from premium 18/8 stainless steel. So not only are reusable bottles more cost-efficient, durable and aesthetically pleasing than plastic bottles, but our Evachill bottles are double-insulated to keep your drinks cold for 24 hours. So you get a healthy body, a bigger bank balance, cold water, and you make a difference to the world around you. Perfect! 

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