Workout with Evachill: The best water bottle for workouts

Everyone loves a good workout! There’s nothing better for the mind, body and soul than a great gym session. Yet, there’s nothing worse than reaching for your water bottle mid-sweat, wanting a sip of cold refreshing water, only to find that your water’s warm.

Luckily, our Evachill bottles are double-walled and made from premium insulated stainless steel, so they’ll keep your drink cold for 24 hours. No longer will you have to suffer the downright disappointing experience of warm water again as we guarantee refreshingly cold water throughout your workout.

Workout with Evachill- The best water bottle for workouts

8 excellent reasons why you should take an Evachill water bottle to your next workout

1. Stay hydrated. We all know that it’s vital to continue drinking water before, during and after you exercise to replace the water your body loses when you sweat. Since our water bottles can hold 750ml (25oz) of water you don’t have to worry about dehydrating and that leaves you free to focus your attention on your workout.

2. Stay healthy. Our Evachill bottles are BPA-free, leaching-free and toxin-free. This means that whilst you’re exercising your toxins away, you won’t have any renter your body through your water bottle.

3. Easily accessible. Evachill bottles will fit in cup holders, which gives them a massive advantage over some other bottles. So you can put your bottle in the cup holders provided on gym equipment to easily take a sip during your workout, and in the cup holders in your car if you’re driving to and from the gym. They’re also wide enough to get a firm grip with your hand so you don’t have to worry about dropping them.

4. Look stylish. Let’s be honest, what you look like when you’re exercising isn’t important. But if we can look stylish with no extra effort, then great! We might be biased but we reckon our bottles look pretty nice, especially when compared to your average plastic water bottle. And our original bottle goes with every colourful activewear combination!

5. Stay refreshed. We mentioned it above but cold water really is amazing when you feel like your body is red hot! The wide opening at the top allows ice cubes to be added to your water. So pop a few ice cubes in your bottle before you go for a run and you will be thankful you did, particularly if you’re exercising outside on a hot day.

6. Leakproof design. Our Evachills are vacuum sealed and 100% leakproof. So you don’t have to worry about throwing one in your bag and bringing it to and from your workout. Your bag and car will remain completely dry.

7. Easy cleaning. It’s super easy to clean an Evachill bottle after your workout, particularly as the lid unscrews and can be removed completely.

8. Cheap water bottle. Our Evachills are cheaper than our competitors whilst offering so many benefits! If you’re looking for the best water bottle to use again and again whilst exercising then you’ve found it. Not convinced? Check out our top 10 really good reasons why a reusable water bottle will change your life.


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