As a gamer, you must be spending huge time playing or streaming your favorite game in a gaming room. The thought of going to the kitchen or leaving the room, even for water could make things worse [I know, right!] That’s why I decided to do a bit of research and come up with the list of good-quality mini fridges that you could place in your room.

Before I came up with this refrigerator list, I also got in touch with 73 professional gamers and asked them about things or features they look while buying one.

After that I decided to go through different fridge listings on sites like Amazon, BestBuy, and I finally came up with the list of the 10 top-rated mini fridges that are great for gamers.

Things To Consider When Buying a Mini Fridge for Your Gaming Room

  1. The fridge should be small [Basically, they didn’t want to spend a huge amount by buying french door or side by side refrigerators.]
  2. They wanted mini fridges that could keep beverages and water chilled.
  3. 15 out of 73 also wanted a fridge that could store food items and not just limit itself to beverage cooling.
  4. A few of them preferred fridges that could primarily hold beer or soda cans in a neat way and didn’t want something extraordinary.
  5. 64 out of 73 gamers didn’t want the fridge to be near their gaming desk. [So portable refrigerators which are 12V or 6 CAN Mini fridges aren’t a choice]
  6. They preferred spending 10-20% extra if the small fridge was from a reputed brand.

A few aspects which need a detailed explanation!

  1. Size: A compact refrigerator is one of the essential things that one should look for in a mini-refrigerator. Most of the standard refrigerators are more prominent and do not fit in small rooms. A compact refrigerator that is small in size and can store the drinks, along with quick food, should be on your list.
  2. Storage capacity: A good mini-refrigerator with functional storage capacity is the one that everyone desires. While a standard mini-refrigerator can hold up to 120 cans in an average, other mini-fridges can hold up to 60 cans or bottles. Though understandably, you might go for the first option with better storage capacity, it is advised to go for the second option if you have a small room.
  3. Budget: There are various kinds of refrigerators in the market, with tons of features. However, a compact or small fridge is more than enough for gamers. Moreover, it is advisable to stick to the budget while buying a mini-fridge for your gaming room, because you, of course, want to spend more on buying the games!

10 Best Mini Fridges for Gamers [2020]

Best Gaming Mini Fridges of 2020
Best Mini Fridge for Gamers in 2020 © EvaChill

Although, I’ve already written about the best mini fridges in the market, I decided to come up with a dedicated list for gamers.

Based on what I learned from the interviews and watching a few game streams, I realized that the professional gamers need a fridge that could primarily store their energy drinks, soda cans, or beer bottles or cans but didn’t want to limit it to beverages ONLY, that’s why I’ve listed out the mini fridges that can store beverages, food items, fruits, etc..

1. Best Overall: HomeLabs beverage refrigerator and cooler

hOmeLabs Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler - 120 Can Mini Fridge with Glass Door for Soda Beer or Wine - Small Drink Dispenser Machine for Office or Bar with Adjustable Removable Shelves
  • MODERN ELECTRIC BEVERAGE COOLER - This 3.2 cubic feet, free standing beverage refrigerator features an elegant see through, left hinge glass front door with a...
  • LARGE CAPACITY BEER & WINE CHILLER - Under counter beverage cooler with large, internal storage design is equipped with 3 adjustable and removable chrome...
  • ADVANCED TEMPERATURE CONTROLS - Single zone beverage mini refrigerator has an easy touch temperature control that cools down to 34°F, and large digital display...
  • POWERFUL COOLING SYSTEM - Our 120V 240W heavy duty, vertical chiller features energy efficient advanced technology, and a whisper quiet compressor that works...

If you are looking for the perfect mini fridge for your gaming room, then the HomeLabs beverage refrigerator serves the best purpose. It has a transparent glass door so that you can know which drinks are stored in the cooler. You can also add LED light strips that match with your gaming lights and give it a similar look.

The unit also has an interior LED light which allows you to keep a check on the beverages kept inside it at any time [even in the dark.]

Other than that, the design and the build of this fridge is made in a manner such that it can easily fit into any room without consuming huge space. You can place it under your gaming desk if you don’t want to move away from your chair!

Coming to the space and storage capacity, The mini fridge has 3 removable shelves allowing you to get more storage for keeping big bottles in the refrigerator.

Moreover, it can store up to 120 soda/beer cans easily. In addition to that, it has a noiseless fan, which is located on the top of the fridge and promises that the device will not create any noise, and you can play your games without any disturbance. The fan also distributes the airflow throughout the cooler equally so that all the items kept in it will receive an equal amount of fresh air.

The unit comes with a digital thermostat, thereby you can adjust the temperature of the fridge with the help of the digital thermostat that is provided in the cooler.

I noticed that the fridge can cool down the items up to 34F, which is quite good. It also has a powerful cooling system with an advanced cooling system and a quiet compressor. Rest assured, your drinks will remain chilled all the time, without any formation of ice.

  • It is compact
  • The fridge can fit up to 120 cans effortlessly
  • The LED interior light lets you view the items in the fridge all the time
  • It has a noiseless fan
  • You can even control the temperature of the device through the digital thermostat provided in it
  • It lacks an auto-light feature
  • The shelves are a bit too small

2. Best Runner-up: NewAir AB-1200 Beverage Cooler and Refrigerator

NewAir Beverage Cooler and Refrigerator, Mini Fridge with Glass Door, Perfect for Soda Beer or Wine, 126-Can Capacity, AB-1200, Stainless Steel
  • Cools down to a chilly 34 degrees Fahrenheit, lower than other beverage coolers, ensuring your beverages are perfectly frosty.
  • 3.4 cubic foot spacious beverage center holds up to 126 cans. Metal rack construction for durability and longevity. No digital temperature readout.Temperature...
  • 5 easily removable chrome racks help you fit cans or bottles of various sizes and shapes. Frequency: 60 Hz. Noise Level: 35 dB. Voltage - 110 volts
  • Sleek, stylish black and stainless steel design complements any home decor. Metal rack construction for durability and longevity.Refrigerant Type: R600A

The NewAir beverage cooler and freezer has the capability of storing around 126 regular sized cans and even has the feature of cooling them without forming any frost or mess. It is compact, can fit in anywhere and promises to cool down the items up to 43F.

What makes this particular fridge unique from other mini fridges on the list? Well, it has considerable storage capacity, has 7 thermostat settings thereby can adjust the temperature of the interior of the appliance according to your preferences.

Along with that, the build of the cooler is made to work under any pressure and climate, thus making it durable and long-lasting. The glass door has a stainless steel frame, thus preventing the door from breaking due to any mishap.

Moreover, the 3.4 cubic foot spacious fridge, promises satisfactory storage for all kind of beverages and the five removable shelves, helps you in getting additional storage for bottles of a bigger size. The noise level of the fridge is 35dB, which is bearable and you can do your work without any problem.

This particular cooler from NewAir is even environmentally friendly and also consumes less amount of energy so that you don’t have to pay an ample amount of electric bills. With a weight of 62.9 pounds, this standalone refrigerator will fulfil all your needs for a basic gaming room.

  • It has five removable shelves, allowing for more storage
  • You can easily fit 126 standard soda cans in it perfectly
  • The fridge has seven thermostat settings to change the temperature according to the requirements
  • The frame of the glass door is made of stainless steel to prevent it from breaking
  • It is durable
  • The cooler does not have any digital readout of the temperature
  • The fridge has compressor issues, and it needs to be changed regularly

3. Best Value for money: Antarctic Star 26 Bottle Wine Cooler/Cabinet Gaming Fridge

Antarctic Star 36 Bottle Wine Cooler/Cabinet BeverageRefrigerator Small Mini Red & White Wine Cellar Beer Soda Counter Top Bar Fridge Quiet Operation Compressor Adjust Temperature Freestanding Black
  • KEEP WINE COOL: Heat is enemy number one for wine. The Wine Cooler enables you to store your wine in optimal conditions for long-term aging. Working temperature...
  • IDEAL LIGHT and HUMIDITY: With its reinforced glass door with air tight seal and help to maintain an ideal humidity level, this beverage refrigerator gives you...
  • PERFECT WINE STORAGE: 36 standard red or white wine bottles capacity, also perfect for canned beer and beverage storage. Horizontal racking is a space-efficient...
  • NO VIBRATION and QUIET: Equipped with an advanced cooling system that will keep your beverages at the right temperature without making a noise. With no...

If you are ready to spend a few extra bucks for an extravagant mini refrigerator for your game room, then the Antarctic Star 36 bottle wine cooler cabinet refrigerator might be a good choice for you. Especially, if you are into Wine more than beer or soda!

Since it is a wine cooler and is perfect for keeping the wine taste unaltered and chilled for an extended amount of time. However, it’s not just limited to storing wines alone, you can also store beer in it.

For those who are into Wines, you already know that it has to be kept at an ideal temperature so that it does not get spoiled. The working temperature of the fridge is from 40F to 61F, which is ideal for storing wine.

Moreover, this unit has a dual-pane tempered glass door that has an auto-locking feature and even protects the beverages from severe heat of the sun rays. The auto-locking feature, you can remain assured that it will lock itself also when someone has half-opened the door so that the beverages do not get heated up.

Apart from that, it has stainless steel shelves that are not only robust but are removable too, thus allowing for more space so that you can also keep wine bottles securely in it.

  • The soft LED light goes very well with your gaming room lights, it is neither too bright nor too dim and makes for a perfect interior light for the fridge.
  • The Antarctic Star refrigerator also has an adjustable thermostat so you can adjust the temperature of the cooler according to requirements.
  • In addition to that, there’s a massive wine cabinet in the cooler.
  • The adjustable levelling legs, even makes it easier to adjust the height of the cooler and also it is quite while working.
  • It has adjustable levelling legs to adjust the height of the cooler
  • The dual tempered glass protects the refrigerator from outside heat
  • It has stainless steel removable shelves
  • There are different temperature controlling options for different shelves or cabinets
  • It has an auto-locking door feature
  • It is costlier than most of the standard mini-refrigerators
  • It can only store 36 cans of standard wine cans

4. Best under $200: Keystone KSTRC312CB compact 2-door refrigerator

Keystone KSTRC312CB Compact 2-Door Refrigerator/Freezer, 3.1 Cubic Feet, Black
  • Perfect for college dorm, rec room, or small office
  • Separate top-mount freezer with storage on freezer door
  • 2 glass shelves plus fruit 'n veggie crisper drawer in refrigerator
  • Canned beverage storage, 2-liter bottle space, and small-item rack all on refrigerator door

The Keystone KSTRC312CB small 2-door refrigerator is one of the most budget-friendly and finest small fridges for a gamer that you can get in the market. Not only that, it even has excellent features and working capability and also comes with a one year warranty which covers all the parts and labor costs.

Along with that, it yet has a freezer compartment which has a storage capacity of 0.9 cubic foot while the refrigerator has the capability of handling around 2.2 cubic foot of items, which is quite significant at this price.

A perfect refrigerator that can fit in any room and will be a perfect one for your games room. With the separate freezer compartment, you can keep beer and other hard drinks in it, while the refrigerator will serve as a storage for water, cold drinks, and some snacks too.

This particular mini-refrigerator has a separate bottle unit, where you can keep two liters of the bottle easily and use the shelves for other items as the refrigerator has reversible door hinges so that even right-handed and left-handed people can operate it effortlessly.

Furthermore, this device has a feature of controlling the temperature of the interior of the device so that the beverages cool down according to their requirements.

It also has adjustable leveling legs so that you can adjust the height of the refrigerator accordingly. The manual defrost system of the freezer compartment cleans defreeze the freezer and brings the temperature down to average room temperature.

  • It is affordable
  • The fridge has a separate freezer compartment
  • It even has a separate bottle unit
  • The refrigerator also comes with a fruit and vegetable drawer along with two shelves
  • It has adjustable leveling legs
  • The fridge does not have a digital display of the temperature
  • It does not have a transparent glass door

5. Most reliable: Midea WHD- 113FSS1 double door Mini Fridge with freezer

Midea WHD-113FSS1 Double Door Mini Fridge with Freezer for Bedroom Office or Dorm with Adjustable Remove Glass Shelves Compact Refrigerator 3.1 cu ft, Stainless Steel
  • Adjustable Temperature Ranges: Refrigerator Compartment 32' to 50' F/ Freezer Compartment -11. 2' to 5'F
  • Features Adjustable Legs and a Reversible Door that can Open from Left or Right
  • Interior Light; Partial automatic defrost.Control Type:Mechanical
  • Separate Fruit and Vegetable Drawer. Note: The Internal Walls of the Main Compartment are Slightly Tapered Toward the Back. If the light is not working: Check...

This particular mini-refrigerator is one of the most reliable fridges that you will get in the market. Midea is a well-known company, and you can always trust it with any home appliances.

This Midea mini-fridge is made for gaming rooms, student dormitories, bedrooms, and particularly any room with minimum space. It is mainly a mini version of the standard Midea refrigerators and has the same features as the standard fridge has.

It is noiseless, which makes it suitable for a gaming room as the compressor noise or the motor noise will not interfere with your gaming experience.

The mini-fridge has a freezer compartment with separate fruits and vegetable counter, along with two adjustable shelves and a bottle unit where you can store bottles of two liters capacity, easily.

It has an interior light, making it easier to view the items in dim light and also consumes less energy. As it has glass shelves, there are chances of them breaking easily, but the company assures you that it is of durable glass material.

Besides that, it even has a temperature control facility, reversible door hinges, and is yet durable. The refrigerator can cool down the items up to 32F, while the freezer compartment has the temperature control from 11.2F to 5F, which is suitable for storing frozen food and other beverages.

  • It has a separate counter for storing vegetables and fruits
  • It is the compact version of the standard fridge
  • You can store beverages in the freezer compartment and bottles of higher capacity at the bottle unit
  • It is noiseless
  • The adjustable legs make it easier to adjust the height
  • The shelves are made up of glass
  • It has a partially automatic interior light

6. Stylish amongst all: Whynter BR- 128WS 120 Cans Refrigerator

Whynter BR-128WS Lock, 120 Can Capacity, Stainless Steel Beverage Refrigerator, White
  • Measures: 18.5" Long x 17" Wide x 33" High
  • Capacity: 120 standard 12 oz. cans
  • Stainless steel trimmed glass door with sleek white cabinet, recessed handle provides a flush finish with the door with cylinder lock and two keys
  • Mechanical temperature control with temperature range from high 30ºF - mid 60ºF

If you are in search of an elegant mini-refrigerator that will compliment your room, then the Whynter mini-fridge is your answer. It has classy looks, is durable, and can store 120 standard soda cans easily. This is one of the best mini fridges for beer storage.

Along with that, the stainless steel body makes the device robust and long-lasting, so that you don’t have to reinvest in a fridge. It has a transparent glass door, thus giving you a view of the number of items inside the refrigerator.

Moreover, this particular cooler can cool down things up to 30F, and even gives you the power of handling the temperature of the refrigerator, so that you can set it as per your requirements. In addition to that, it even has reversible door hinges, powerful compressor cooling, and is compact.

The powerful compressor cooling keeps the beverages chilled and prevents the device from forming ice. It even as fan-forced circulation, which enables the air to circulate evenly throughout the device so that all the cans are equally chilled.

The Whynter mini-fridge also has a cylinder lock so that no unwanted person can open it. It also has five separate shelves for storing beverages, with the one at the ground level having the most number of storage, so that you can keep bigger bottles in it easily.

  • It is stylish in appearance; this will complement your gaming room
  • The fridge can store up to 120 standard soda cans
  • It has cylinder lock to prevent unwanted people from opening the cooler
  • It has a powerful compressor which keeps the beverages chilled
  • The fan-forced circulation equally distributes the chilled air throughout the device
  • It is costlier as compared to a standard mini-refrigerator
  • You have to adjust eh temperature of the cooler manually

7. Most Compact: Midea WHS- 87LSS1 refrigerator 2.4 Cu.Ft Stainless steel

Midea WHS-87LSS1 Refrigerator, 2.4 Cubic Feet, Stainless Steel
  • Mechanical Temperature Adjustment Ranges From -2' to 2' Celsius (32' to 35.6'Fahrenheit)
  • Large Storage Areas Excellent at Chilling Beverages and Healthy Snacks/Produce, However Cannot be Used for Storing Frozen Foods or Making Icecubes.
  • Features Adjustable Legs and a Reversible Door that can Open from Left or Right
  • Energy Saving: Energy Star Rated & Low Noise.

If you are looking for a small mini-refrigerator, then the Midea WHS- 87LSS1 fridge for gamers will suit your choices.

This refrigerator will come in handy for a gaming room located in the basement, where space is less, and one needs to have a fridge nearby, to remain hydrated throughout the game.

The compact gaming refrigerator from Midea can store up to 2.4 cubic feet of items and even has separated cabinets for separated items. It also has a bottle dispensing unit suitable for keeping both cans and bottles of 2 liters. Along with that, the fridge even comes with two shelves and a separate cabinet for holding fruits and vegetables.

Overall, you are getting a compact version of the refrigerator with all the desired features and shelves, and that too in a mini version. With the whisper-quiet technology, you can remain assured that the device will not make any noise, and you can sleep peacefully.

It is energy-efficient, environment-friendly and you can even carry it over to a friend’s house during gaming night. The freezer allows temperature control from 32F to 35.6F. Though the refrigerator does not allow much of temperature adjustment, it is perfect for storing beer and other beverages, without worrying that it will create ice.

In addition to all these features, you even get the benefit of adjusting the height of the freezer through the leveling legs provided and can also open the door from both sides.

  • It is compact and will fit in anywhere
  • The whisper-quiet technology makes the device noiseless
  • It has ample storage area, which can fit several items
  • The separate cabinet even stores fruits and vegetables
  • You can also adjust the height of the freezer and use it
  • It does not have a wide range of temperature variation

8. Compact and Spacious: COSTWAY beverage refrigerator and cooler

Midea WHS-87LSS1 Refrigerator, 2.4 Cubic Feet, Stainless Steel
  • Mechanical Temperature Adjustment Ranges From -2' to 2' Celsius (32' to 35.6'Fahrenheit)
  • Large Storage Areas Excellent at Chilling Beverages and Healthy Snacks/Produce, However Cannot be Used for Storing Frozen Foods or Making Icecubes.
  • Features Adjustable Legs and a Reversible Door that can Open from Left or Right
  • Energy Saving: Energy Star Rated & Low Noise.

The COSTWAY mini-refrigerator is not only compact but is even vast. This particular mini-refrigerator is smaller than a standard mini-fridge, which makes it suitable for all kinds of room and the storage capacity of 60 cans, defines the storage capacity of the fridge. It has three beverage shelves, which are also removable, thus increasing the storage capacity.

Furthermore, this compact refrigerator even has a transparent glass door so that you can view the items in it, and with the interior LED light; you can also see in the dark.

The transparent glass door is a reversible double-paned glass door which prevents the beverages from getting heated up due to outside temperature, and you can even open it from both sides.

The transparent glass door has a stainless steel frame to avoid it from breaking. It is rated as an R600A refrigerant, which clearly states that this compact refrigerator is environment-friendly and you can remain assured that it won’t release any harmful gases into the atmosphere.

Besides that, it has a temperature variant of 39F to 61F, which is good as compared to a standard mini-refrigerator, and you can control it manually. It is durable and is perfect for keeping it in any room.

The interior type of handle makes it easy to open and close it, and the auto-lock system makes sure that the drinks don’t get spoiled.

  • It is rated as an R600A refrigerant
  • The fridge has a transparent glass door, which is supported by a stainless steel frame
  • It has a temperature variant of 39F to 61F
  • It is spacious and can store up to 60 cans easily
  • The interior LED light lets you view the items in the fridge even in the dim atmosphere
  • The temperature cannot be controlled through one-touch
  • It is a bit noisy

9. Durable one: EdgeStar 62 Can Beverage Cooler Stainless steel

EdgeStar 62-Can Beverage Cooler - Stainless Steel
  • Capacity: 62 - 12 oz. standard cans, 32 - 20 oz. bottles (VitaminWater/Gatorade style), 51 - 12 oz. slim cans (Red Bull style), 40 - 16 oz. "tall boy" cans
  • Manual temperature control knob on back of unit, Approximate temperature range: High 30s - Mid 50sºF , Approval: ETL, Warranty: 90 days labor, 1 year parts;...
  • Powerful compressor based cooling, Color: Black cabinet with stainless steel trimmed glass door
  • Reversible double paned glass door, Removable slide-out chrome shelf, Freestanding application, Manual defrost

The EdgeStar 62 can beverage cooler is made up of stainless steel, which makes the device resistant to shock and is even long-lasting. It is the most durable mini-refrigerator which you will get in the market.

This mini-refrigerator has a powerful compressor that promises to keep all your beverages chilled. It even has a “Tallboy” beverage capacity, which can also store a 20 oz bottle and will also cool it effectively due to the shelf configuration.

As the cooler is compact, you can easily keep it in any room and use it. Along with that, it even has a transparent glass, and you also get to control the temperature of the beverages from 30F to 50F, through the thermostat control knot.

It has removable shelves, which gives you more space to store your drinks. The cooler also features the glass door to be double-paned and reversible, thus making it accessible to everyone.

With this particular cooler, you also get a year of warranty, which will cover all the parts and labor costs.

  • It is compact
  • It is durable as it is made up of stainless steel
  • The “tall boy” feature helps in storing 20 oz bottles in the cooler
  • The shelves are adjustable
  • It has a warranty of one year
  • You have to control the temperature manually

10. Best Cheapest: BLACK+ DECKER BCRK25B Compact Refrigerator Mini-Fridge with Freezer

BLACK+DECKER BCRK25B Compact Refrigerator Energy Star Single Door Mini Fridge with Freezer, 2.5 Cubic Feet, Black
  • 2 Full Width Glass Shelves
  • 2 Full Width Door Shelves accommodate 2 Liter and Tall Bottles
  • Adjustable Thermostat Control and Leveling Legs offer ultimate versatility
  • Full Width Freezer Compartment with Ice Cube Tray

The BLACK+ DECKER BCRK25B small refrigerator for gamers is the cheapest in the list, and it even has some of the most excellent features which are required of a mini-refrigerator. This particular fridge has a storage capacity of 2.5 cubic feet, and it also has a freezer compartment, where you can keep beverages and frozen food.

The bottle dispensing unit makes it comfortable to store large bottles on one side, without worrying about them falling when one opens the door. Along with that, the fridge has adjustable shelves so that you can increase the storage capacity of the device.

If you think that you can only keep beverages and frozen food items in this refrigerator, then you are wrong. You can also control the temperature of the device through the thermostat and even adjust the height of the refrigerator with the adjustable legs.

It is energy-efficient. Thus it will consume less energy and is even eco-friendly, making it an exceptional choice at such an affordable price.

You also get a one year warranty which will cover up all the parts and the service costs, and you can even replace the item in case it arrives damaged. So, overall, you get a decent product at such an affordable price.

  • It is the cheapest mini-refrigerator for gamers
  • It consumes less energy
  • The device has a separate freezer compartment and a bottle dispenser unit
  • You can store fruits and frozen food in it
  • The temperature is adjustable
  • It does not have a transparent glass door
  • The shelves are made up of glass so you need to take extra care


So, these were some of the best mini-fridges which you can keep in your gaming room. These are the best mini fridges for gamers, as they consume less energy, and most of them have a transparent glass door, which makes it easier to view the number of beers left in the fridge. Rigorous research was done after which the list was made so that you will get the best options to choose from!

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