Haier is one of the most innovative brands when it comes to the US appliance market. Due to their significance towards innovation has lead to the brand offering some of the most customer-friendly products. As Haier’s tagline says “Room to invent”, their mini fridges are known to fit your needs and requirements accordingly.

A mini fridge is what you need if you are a bachelor or just need a fridge for your personal office cabin, dorm, bedroom, etc. It acts in the same way as any regular fridge would except the sizing, capacity, energy consumption, and price, etc.

Every household or workspace requires a refrigerator to make the process of preserving your food easier. Though a big fridge with a huge capacity and fancy side by side doors may seem like the go-to option. But at times you might just want a small one which could save space, electricity bills, and money.

These small-sized fridges come with a lot of advantages for people who move around a lot. They need to be light for easy transportation and yet, have a good storage capacity to hold at the least a couple of basic foods and beverages that need to be kept cold or frozen. These do not require stabilizers and are much more energy-efficient.

Haier is one of the leading brands in the compact refrigerators market. But not every mini fridge from Haier is equal in terms of performance, quality, or needs. That’s the reason why I’ve made this list that includes the 10 best-rated models [And to justify why they made it to this list, I’ve included in-depth review about them.]

#1 Haier HC27SF22RB Mini Fridge

Haier HC27SF22RB Refrigerator
Haier HC27SF22RB Refrigerator

The Haier HC27SF22RB model comes with some of the best reviews for a mini fridge. It has full-width glass shelves which are removable, allowing flexibility of storing options. Let’s not forget, the ease in cleaning the space within when your shelves are removable.

This Haier model comes with a half-width freezer that does a great job of freezing meats and ice-creams just like your average freezer. The Door of this mini fridge can store up to three 2 liter bottles. The smaller door shelf above can store smaller jars and containers.

The adjustable thermostat is a manual dial offering 7 settings, 0-1 being the warmest and 7 being the coldest. The adjustable leveling legs help in setting up the fridge in any environment. The sleek design with a flat-back makes it easier to fit into tighter spaces, just like what a mini-fridge is meant to do.

The external material is stainless steel giving it a sleek finish. The capacity of the fridge is 2.7 cubic foot which is about 76 liters. The door hinges are reversible with a standalone installation type making it sit well in various surroundings.

  • A good price point for its features.
  • Maintains the temperature of the fridge.
  • May seem loud in a quiet environment.

#2 Haier HF50CM23NW Compact Chest Freezer

Haier HF50CM23NW Chest Freezer
Haier HF50CM23NW Chest Freezer

The capacity of this particular Haier mini fridge is higher than most others. This is due to its chest-style design. It has a plastic solid-colored smooth exterior. The unit has a capacity of 5 cubic feet or approximately 140 liters.

It has an adjustable thermostat control placed on the bottom right corner of the outer surface. It is a manual dial and helps maintain the accuracy of temperature. The defrost drain on this is easy to access and also very user-friendly.

The defrost drain is manual and when required you can allow the water to run off and not create a frozen mess. It comes with a metal wire basket that can be moved around or removed according to the user’s convenience.

The items that are needed more frequently can be placed in this basket. The design of the chest freezer saves up a lot of space, it does not require clearance space as the lid opens on the top. A sleek flat-back finish makes sure it fits into tight spaces be it your office or your home.

  • Maintains the cold temperature for longer hours.
  • A low noise compressor.
  • Best suited for frozen foods.
  • Chest style freezer makes it difficult to access things at the bottom.

#3 Haier HC17SF15RB Energy Star Mini Refrigerator with Freezer

Haier HC17SF15RB Energy Star Refrigerator
Haier HC17SF15RB Energy Star Refrigerator

With a capacity of 1.7 Cubic feet approximately holding 48 liters, this Energy Star Haier Fridge is top of the line when it comes to the most compact mini-fridges available in the market. The Haier HC17SF15RB has a half-width freezer to store your frozen foods and meals, it comes with an ice cube tray.

One full-width shelf that easily slides in and out of the model, makes it easier to store larger things in it. There are door shelves as well, the half-width shelf is at the top and the full-width shelf is at the bottom of the door. A single large 2-liter bottle can be placed in the bottom shelf. It is an energy-efficient mini-fridge with a manual defrost system.

The adjustable thermostat is manual and the temperature changes can be very easily adjusted. Temperature dial has 7 settings on it from 0 to 7. The Haier mini fridge comes with leveling legs making it easy to adjust and fit into spaces. The recessed handle, flat back design, and stainless steel design add to create better functionality and look.

  • A compact and robust design that fits into spaces easily.
  • Best features for the lowest storage capacity.
  • The unit may get frosty when turned to the lowest temperature.
  • Freezing compartment is not well-sealed resulting in temperature leakage.

#4 Haier HNSE04BB Small Fridge with Freezer: Sleek and Tall

Haier HNSE04BB Refrigerator Freezer
Haier HNSE04BB Refrigerator Freezer

This sleek Haier mini fridge has a capacity of 4 cubic feet which is approximately 112 liters. On a more capacious side of mini-fridges, this model has three full-width glass shelves that are removable. The door shelves are also well designed to hold a lot of containers.

The bottom door shelf is full-width and can hold large cartons and cans. There are two half-width shelves above them and another can dispenser section beside it that can hold up to 6 regular cans that you can slide into the slot.

The Haier HNSE04BB has a sleek finish with a slim tall build. The freezer of the mini fridge has top hinges with a transparent lid that swings open and it comes along with an ice cube tray. The temperature dial is placed attached to the roof, right beside the freezer. It has 7 temperature settings and uses a manual knob.

There is a removable plastic tray underneath the freezer to collect the draining frost water since it is has a manual defrost option. The relatively quiet compressor and maintains the temperature according to the mechanical thermostat.

  • A space-efficient mini-fridge, providing ample space for all kinds of containers.
  • There is no ice build-up within the unit.
  • Does not have an auto defrost.

#5 Haier HC27SW20RV Stainless Steel Mini Refrigerator

Haier HC27SW20RV Steel Refrigerator
Haier HC27SW20RV Steel Refrigerator

Haier has some of the top-of-the-line models when it comes to mini fridges, and the Haier HC27SW20RV Steel Fridge offers some great features. It has a 2.7 cubic feet capacity which is about 76 liters. This mid-range capacity mini fridge has a full-width freezer with an ice cube tray.

The fridge has two full-width wire shelves that can be removed and adjusted according to the customer’s convenience. The door can accommodate a large 2-liter bottle to one side with a set of six specially designed can holders, that are tilted to make it more user-friendly. There a full-width door shelf at the top for the smaller containers to sit in. The mechanical thermostat which is manually adjustable is placed on the top corner beside the freezer.

Like most Haier mini fridges, this one also has 7 settings on it with 0 being the warmest and 7 being the coldest temperature. The exterior has a steel finish with curved edges. A recessed door handle and leveling legs add to the improved design and functionality of the mini fridge.

  • Maintains the inner temperature of the unit.
  • Relatively quiet operation.
  • There can be a frost build-up over a period of time.
  • The freezer temperature leaks out.

#6 Haier Stainless Steel Fridge Freezer

Haier Stainless Steel Freezer
Haier Stainless Steel Freezer

This double door mini fridge model from Haier has a 90-liter capacity which is about 3.2 cubic feet. Like in the case of most regular sized fridges, this mini fridge has a smaller door above for frozen foods and a larger space below with a separate door for refrigeration.

The Haier HC32TW10SV is great to store in your garage, basement, game room, office or even your studio space. The fridge compartment has 2 full-width glass shelves that are removable for convenience. The bottom-most section has a transparent crisper to keep your fruits and veggies fresh, unlike most other mini fridges.

The door of the fridge compartment has two half-width shelves, one can store larger 2-litre bottles and the one above it can store three smaller containers. The remaining half of the door has a can dispenser style storage which can hold up to 6 cans. The freezer has an ice cube tray and the door has a band shelf giving it extra storage space.

The mini fridge has a Cycle Defrost system which means it has a partial automatic defrost system. This makes the fridge defrost automatically but the freezer requires a manual defrost. The automatic timer works within 24 hours after its set to defrost.

  • Separate doors maintaining the different temperatures for the freezer and fridge.
  • It has a Cycle Defrost system.
  • The external build feels fragile and prone to dents.
  • There is a frost build-up at the back of the fridge.

#7 Haier HC27SF22RW Refrigerator/Freezer 2.7 Cubic Feet (76 Litres)

Haier HC27SF22RW  Refrigerator/Freezer
Haier HC27SF22RW Refrigerator/Freezer

This fridge from Haier is one from the mid-sized range. It has a storage capacity of 2.7 cubic feet which is approximately 76 litres. This comes with a half-width freezer compartment with an ice cube tray that takes less than 24 hours to freeze over.

It two full-width wire shelves that are removable and can slide into separate slots for more storage convenience. The door has two set of shelves, the bottom shelf can hold up to three 2 litre bottles and the upper shelf has a capacity of five regular sized cans. The standalone mini fridge unit has a stainless steel finish.

The flat back and leveling legs with the recessed handle make for a very user-friendly model. Like most Haier mini fridge models, this one also has a mechanical thermostat. The manual dial has seven settings for the customer to use according to the external temperature changes and their personal requirements.

  • A quiet and low vibrational operation.
  • The quality of the external materials used is very light.
  • The insulation is not leak proof.

#8 Haier HC46SF10SV 4.5 CU FT Mini Fridge

Haier HC46SF10SV Compact Refrigerator
Haier HC46SF10SV Compact Refrigerator

The Haier HC46SF10SV Compact Fridge comes with a 4.5 cubic feet capacity and well-designed space to fit in all your edibles and condiments. A half-width freezer with an ice cube tray and a lift-up internal freezer door.

There are three removable glass shelves that can be adjusted for when you need to store things of varied sizes. The mini fridge door comes with four separate sections. The top two shelves on the door have a full-width space for juice cartons, jars and containers.

There is one half-width shelf below that, which can hold a large 2-liter bottle or even tall wine bottles for temporary storage. The other half-width section has a robust design to accommodate 5 cans with a dispense-a-can style to store your beverage of choice.

The mechanical thermostat has 7 different temperature settings for you to pan through. It has a manual defrost system and needs to be closed properly to make sure there is no frost build-up within the freezer. The unit comes with leveling legs for adjustments, the exteriors have a virtual steel finish and are available in more than one type of finish.

  • Quick cooling even on a middle range setting.
  • Does not have an automatic defrost.
  • The heat from the compressor tends to rise up.

#9 Haier HC33SW20RB Mini Fridge with Glass Shelves + Freezer

Haier HC33SW20RB Glass Shelves with Freezer
Haier HC33SW20RB Glass Shelves with Freezer

With a capacity of 93 liters which is 3.3 cubic feet of space, this model is one of the mid-size mini-fridges from Haier. It has a full-width freezer compartment and two glass shelves. The shelves are removable making it easier to fit in things and also for cleaning purposes.

The best feature with this Haier mini fridge is the door shelves. The topmost shelf on the door can fit five regular size cans, the bottom-most shelf can fit in multiple smaller containers and condiments. The door has two smaller sets of half-width shelves for smaller containers and bottles and the other half can hold a large 2-litre bottle.

This mini fridge can be used in dorm rooms, home offices, and entertainment areas. The mechanical thermostat provided next to the freezer has 5 stages of temperature settings available. The fridge has a sturdy stainless steel finish with leveling legs for adjustments. The recessed door handles with the flat back finish makes sure that more space for clearance is not required.

  • The door storage compartments are varied and can hold a lot of containers.
  • Efficient energy consumption.
  • No interior lighting.
  • It does not have an automatic defrost.

#10 Haier HC17SF10RB Compressor Mini Fridge (1.7 CU FT)

Haier HC17SF10RB Compressor Cooler
Haier HC17SF10RB Compressor Cooler

This mini fridge from Haier has a 48-liter capacity which is 1.7 cubic feet. It is compact and fits into smaller spaces and perfect to place under your workstation or in your recreational room. This model is popularly known to be the best choice for a dorm room.

The mini fridge has a compressor based cooling system and is relatively low on noise. The exterior is a stainless steel finish with a recessed handle and a flat back for a great design and durability. It has a manual defrost setting. The entire unit is quite lightweight and can be easily moved around and transported.

There is a half-width freezer with the mechanical thermostat placed right beside it. The thermostat is a dial and can be set manually. The door has a shelf that can hold a large bottle and a couple of more smaller bottles. The door has another half-width shelf on top for smaller cartons and containers.

  • The mini fridge is energy efficient.
  • There may be capacity related issues.
  • The is leakage from the freezer as the seal is not air-tight.

The Verdict

Anyone who is looking to purchase a mini fridge already knows some of their requirements, especially the ones regarding internal capacity and external dimensions. Haier being one the leading electronic brands offers a wide range of mini fridges with some of the best features available in the market.

Looking for something even smaller, portable, and can run on the low power supply as low as 12v, consider checking out the best 12v refrigerators on Evachill.

It is up to you to decide if a 48-liter capacity would best suit your needs or else you can scale all the way up to 140 liters, and you also have so many more mid-sized options. The external finish is also another thing to take notice of based on the decor of the surroundings you will place it in.

If you are looking for a unit to blend into your office, a sleek steel finish would sit well. If you will place it in the corner of your garage, you could opt for a chest style mini fridge with a plastic finish.

Haier even gives you an option of a double door mini fridge with separate doors for the freezer and fridge, giving it better temperature insulation. Most of the models have a manual defrost setting which is not too much of a hassle as long as you close the freezer and mini-fridge door shut and maintain an optimal temperature.

One thing you will find with all the models is that they run on a compressor which is the most efficient cooling system available. Every pick has certain drawbacks but it also has certain features that are just what you need in your mini-fridge.

I hope this list has helped you understand your requirements better than before and has also helped you to choose the best Haier Mini Fridge for all your needs.

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