So you have decided to get a mini fridge. It may be for your office, to keep your lunch fresh. Or for your entertainment room slash man cave so you can store your drinks far away from the eyes of your children, or maybe you are just a student who is looking to find a small refrigerating unit to store his food in.

Whatever the case may be, it is a good idea to research and find the best brands of an appliance before buying it. It is necessary to get a branded mini fridge because this is not something that you buy every day. As mentioned in our guide, Branded items have a warranty period, so if the unit goes bad, you can get it replaced easily.

Best Mini Fridge Brands
Brands to consider when Buying a compact refrigerator © EvaChill

The customer services of established brands are also stellar. In case you can’t figure out something in the installation procedure, or if your fridge suddenly stops working, you don’t want to have to haul it to a nearby repair shop and then wait several days until your food items go bad and your life is disrupted.

The door to door repair service is one of the major reasons to get a branded unit. With branded Mini refrigerators, you can rest assured that the brand has your back and you can access their services whenever you want.

Additionally, with well-known mini fridge brands, there is trust and reliability, so you can buy a product without worrying about it going bad within 6 months. We have researched and tested a range of products to find the best brands of Mini fridges for you. Here is the list that will help you make your purchase easier.

1. Danby – The Best in Design and Variety

Whether you want beverage cooler, a contemporary refrigerator, or simply a mini freezer, Danby has it all. The brand has grown to encompass and personify the meaning of design and variety when it comes to refrigerators. It is said to be a leader in the US market when it comes to compact appliances.

Over the past few years, Danby has grown to become a household name. With its impeccable customer service and brilliantly design products, the name is synonymous with trust now.

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But that’s not all. There are a variety of products available to appeal to every kind of customer. All the refrigerators design by Danby have a sleek and modern finish, and the range of models shows versatility combined with sophistication.

Coming to the fridges themselves, the top models of this brand include the 120-Can Beverage Center, the Contemporary Classic Refrigerator that comes in several models, and the DCR044A2.

All of these models are top notch in their quality and modern in their looks. The fridges do not lack in functionality either. They offer adjustable shelves, capacity to hold a large amount of food and drinks, and even a freezer compartment.

Tall bottle storage feature is available for those who want to keep larger cans in their fridge, and there are crisper drawers attached if you want to store fruits and vegetables.  Danby refrigerators come with energy star ratings, so you can save money while you are at it.

The biggest USP of these fridges is the appearance and variety of models available for you to choose from. The fridges are glossy and shiny in their finish, and they are compatible with almost any kind of kitchen decor. Additionally, there are so many models to choose from that you will be thinking about the pros and cons for days, deciding which one to buy.

You can buy Danby Mini Fridges on Amazon, Home Depot, Walmart, eBay, and Danby’s official website.

2. Black + Decker – The Allrounder

Black and Decker offers everything that other refrigerators do, but it does that all in one place. The Mini fridges created by this brand are not only stunning in their design, but also the best in functionality, the gold standard in durability, and their customer services are exceptionally stellar.

With it, you don’t have to choose one thing over another. Everything from the extra storage room to leveling legs, manual defrost, and glass shelves, almost everything is bundled up in these appliances.

The brand also gives you the choice to pick your desired size, as there are models available in every capacity ranging from 1.0 cu ft to 4.0 cubic feet. So whether you are getting a mini-fridge for your office where you require a lot of storage space, or you are just a student who is buying a small appliance for his dormitory, there is something for everyone here.

All Black and Decker compact refrigerators are Star certified. So they are the perfect match for individuals looking to save money on their monthly bills. Additionally, the exterior of the fridges is glossy and smooth, giving them a sophisticated and sleek finish.

Some of the best Black + Decker models include BCRK17B, 32W, and 43W. All of the mini fridges by this brand come equipped with beautiful looks and ergonomic design, not to mention the functionality and variety of the models.

With adjustable shelves, crisper compartments,  dispenser type storage, adjustable thermostat, leveling legs, and a full-width compartment for the freezer – there is nothing about Black + Decker that doesn’t attest to the models’ ease of use.

All the fridges also come with a reversible door and flush back design that helps in saving space in tiny apartments and dormitories. You can buy Black + Decker mini fridges on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Target, Home Depot, and the official website for Black + Decker.

3. Midea – Best for Compact Spaces

Midea offers some of the best mini fridges in the market for people who have tiny apartments and live in dormitories. Although the brand has several models that are larger in size and have more space in terms of storing food, what this brand has mastered is the art of making small fridges that do not compromise on functionality and storage.

For example, the WHS-65LB1 is probably the best fridge in the market with 1.6 cubic feet capacity. Despite being such a small appliance, the mini fridge has a host of features like leveling legs and reversible doors. These options make it a versatile and easy-to-use appliance.

Midea products have another unique quality – almost all of the mini fridges have main compartments that taper towards the back. So you can store these appliances in even less space than other fridges of the same capacity.

Another interesting feature of Midea mini fridges that often gets ignored in the smallest capacity units is the adjustable temperature range. Mechanical temperature adjustment allows you to change temperature anywhere from -2 degrees to 2 degrees centigrade. This is ideal for people who need their mini fridge for a variety of functions – from storing meats and fruits, to making ice.

What these fridges do in functionality, they do not lack in appearances either. A stainless steel body that is polished black and glossy – what could be more sophisticated and sleek? And the tiny appliances come in such small size that they will pass off as your kitchen countertop too, so you don’t have to worry about decor anymore.

Some of the most famous models from Midea include the WHS-65LB1, WHS-129C1, WHD-113FSS1 and WHS-121LSS1. The first two are the best in 1.0 cubic feet capacity and the last two are in 3.3 cubic feet. You can but Midea mini fridges on Amazon, Home Depot, eBay, Walmart, and the official Midea website.

4. Haier – Best for Travellers

Haier has recently upgraded its game when it comes to Mini fridges, and a lot of the new models have all the features of a full-fledged refrigerating unit along with the lightweight benefit that comes with a Mini fridge, making them easier for transportation.

Haier Mini fridges come with an adjustable thermostat that lets you store any kind of food item in the fridge, a freezer where you can store ice and your frozen goodies, and removable shelves that lets you control the freezer space inside.

But all these features you can get in almost any Mini fridge on the market these days. What makes Haier’s units unique and one of their own kind is the fact that they don’t weigh a feather over 50 pounds.

Most of the bridges are 2.7 cubic feet in capacity, so you don’t have to adjust when it comes to storage of your favorite food. This unit is just the right size for those of you who love to travel, and because it is not as heavy as usual Mini fridges, it checks the portability box too.

You can now take your Mini fridge on your explorations without worrying about breaking your back carrying it. Haier also has a 150 can beverage center, which has the same lightweight property ideal for travelers and for those of you who regularly move houses.

Besides this, the Haier Mini fridges have a flat back design that helps to save space, they can store bottles up to 2 liters in volume, and there is a manual defrost function to get rid of excess ice.

Adjustable thermostat and adjustable leveling legs allow variability and functionality, and the ability to place the fridge almost anywhere, a feature absolutely necessary for those who are always on the move.

Most popular Haier compact refrigerators include HC27SF22RB, HC27SW20RV, and the HBCN05FVS 150-Can Beverage Center. You can buy Haier mini fridges on Amazon, Home Depot, Walmart, and their official website.

5. Frigidaire – Best Big Mini Fridges

Frigidaire offers a middle path for those of you who want a Mini fridge but also don’t want to compromise on storage space. The largest Mini fridge in the market is Frigidaire’s  4.5 cubic feet compact refrigerator.

If you are moving to a small apartment or planning to make a man cave or game room for yourself in the house, it’s a good idea to get a mini fridge. But you don’t want to stuff your food items in the fridge. And you don’t have to anymore.

With this mini fridge comes all the functionality and versatility of a small refrigerating unit with none of the hassle that comes with a full-fledged refrigerator.

There is a separate freezer compartment, an adjustable shelf that you can take out completely, and a can dispenser if you are planning to store your beer inside it.

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If you like to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, the mini fridges come with a crisper drawer that will keep your food from going stale for a very long time. Frigidaire units also have all the usual features of regular Mini fridges. Adjustable legs, flush back design and a glossy and sleek appearance that will go with any kind of kitchen.

Frigidaire even has a beverage cooler that comes with adjustable glass shelves and a tinted glass window for those of you who want your fridge to look cool while keeping your drinks fresh and cold.

All Frigidaire units come with an extra layer of security. There are pop-out lock and key system to keep unwanted hands off your grub. You can just lock the fridge and forget about it. Do you want another model with a lock? Check out our guide on Mini fridges with lock.

The best Frigidaire units include the FFPS4533QM, and the FFBC4622QS. You can buy Frigidaire mini fridges on Amazon, Home Depot, Walmart, eBay, Lowes, Target, and their official website.

6. Whynter – The Best Beverage cooler

If beverage coolers are your preference over Mini fridges, then consider getting a unit from Whynter. With over 4 models of beverage coolers with varying can capacity, this niche of Mini fridges has no better option than Whynter.

All the beverage coolers come with a stainless steel body and trimmed glass doors that provide it is a sleek and sophisticated look, fitting for your man cave the or entertainment center. the beverage coolers also feature sleek white cabinets that contrast gorgeously against the glass door.

Additionally, a recessed handle is present in all the units for ergonomic design and to provide a classy finish to the appearance of the beverage coolers. There are a cylindrical lock and key system present to add security to your mini-fridge if you have kids in your home. Now you don’t have to worry about your teenagers getting their hands on your beers.

Soft interior LED lighting adds a nice touch to the looks of the fridge. The light can be switched on or off, so you are not wasting excessive energy when there are no guests around to witness the beauty of your Mini fridge.

The Whynter mini fridges come with mechanical temperature control that ranges from 30 degrees to 60 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can control the inside temperature of the beverage cooler according to the drinks that you are storing inside it.

The Whynter beverage coolers come with 120 can capacity and 130 can capacity, so you can pick whatever suits your needs best. You can buy Whynter Mini fridges on Amazon, Home Depot, Target, Walmart, eBay, and Whynter’s official website.

The best models by the brand are 091WS, 128WS, 130SB, and 1211DS.


There are many brands available in the market, the ones I’ve mentioned above are the most reliable and safe ones. However, if you don’t live in the US, there’s a good chance that you won’t recognize these brands. That’s why I’d suggest you consider these brands, but if they aren’t available, go for the one which has wide coverage in your country, great service options, resale value, 24×7 customer helpline, door-to-door support, and wonderful tech support.

You can get a copy or Chinese variants of many refrigerators at half the cost. But, the problem with them is, there’s no guarantee that it’ll work efficiently. After testing more than 7 models, 2 of them stopped working randomly, 3 models increased the energy bill by 30% at my place. But the good thing is 1 unit is still working well.

Also, Most of the brands aren’t just limited to manufacturing small refrigerators, they make many different types of refrigerators. A few of them also have trade-in programs where you can sell your old fridge of the same brand at a good cost and buy a newer model by paying the excess amount. Going for such mini fridge brands would be a good choice if you are not planning to keep the appliance for the long term!

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