eco living with Evachill water bottles eco living with Evachill water bottles eco living with Evachill water bottles eco living with Evachill water bottles

Sustainable living

with Evachill

Ditch your plastic bottles and try a reusable Evachill water bottle!

Reusable water bottle for sustainable eco friendly living

750ml Evachill original bottle - $49.99

What makes evachill bottles special



Our Evachill bottles are 100% BPA-free. Not only is this healthier for you, but it's also much better for the environment. So ditch your plastic bottles and grab an Evachill bottle. 


No toxins

Our Evachill bottles don't contain any toxins or toxic material so you can enjoy cold drinks all day knowing that you're staying healthy.


Reusable bottle

Our Evachill bottles are designed to be reused again and again. So you can keep refilling and chilling your drinks to take to work, the gym, parties, the beach, BBQs...the possibilities are endless!


Premium stainless steel

Our Evachill bottles are made from premium double-walled 18/8 stainless steel. We make sure we only use the best quality materials for our products.


No condensation

Our Evachill bottles don't leak and don't have any condensation on the outside. You can carry your Evachill bottle around all day in your bag and it won't get it wet at all! 



Our Evachill bottles are 100% non-leaching! This means that you won't find any metallic taste in your drinks and nasty toxins won't enter your body.

How the evachill bottle keeps your drinks cold all day

The double walled stainless steel bottle

1. Stainless steel outer wall

2. Superior vacuum insulation

3. Stainless steel inner wall

4. Cold drink all day

How to use an evachill bottle

Fill up your Evachill bottle

Pour wine, water or any other cold drink straight into your Evachill bottle. The bottle is 750ml so it holds an entire bottle of wine! 

Bonus tip: Add ice cubes to keep your drinks ice cold. 

Create the vacuum seal

Screw the lid on as tight as possible. This will make sure that your drink stays cold all day.

Bonus tip: Make sure that the lid is dry before screwing it on. 

Pour your drink and enjoy

Pour your drink from your Evachill bottle into a glass to enjoy. Or alternatively just drink it straight from your bottle!

Bonus tip: Add frozen grapes to your wine to keep it ice cold.