Are you planning to buy a used mini-fridge? You must be wondering if you should buy it or not. Will it as work efficiently as the new one is the second question that should be revolving in your mind. A used mini-fridge is the one which had a previous owner. The question as to its performance entirely depends on the former owner and the way in which the appliance was maintained.

The main reason why a lot of people consider buying them is that it is cheaper than buying a new one. However, In this article, I’ve listed both, the reasons for buying and not buying. In addition, to make the purchase a bit safer, I also shared a list of things/factors you shall consider (if you consider buying a used one). Let’s learn more about whether you should buy a used mini fridge or not?

✅ Advantages of a Used Mini Fridge

  1. Cheap rates: A second-hand mini fridge will also be cheaper than the market price and easier to acquire. A second-hand mini fridge will be a better option for those who started a new office or shifted temporarily into a dorm and don’t want to spend extra money on a fridge.
  2. Utility: The usage of a fridge at your dorm room/ accommodation or office is low. Especially when you are living alone in a dorm room the utility of a fridge also goes down. The other reason would be that you do not require the fridge for a long course of time and it is a temporary set-up.
  3. Sustainable and recyclable: a mini-fridge has a lower maintenance cost and requires less caretaking as compared to a full-size fridge. Buying a second-hand fridge is also a great way to save the environment since you delay the possibility of another fridge being dumped into junkyards.
  4. Testing a model: You can also purchase a second-hand mini-fridge if you want to try the model out. It is advisable that people going to invest in a mini-fridge rather try and test it out before settling for something permanent.

❌ Disadvantages of a Used Mini Fridge

  1. Second Hand: No points for guessing this, but a second-hand mini fridge even though cheap can be of not so good a quality. There are very rare chances where people sell their stuff when it is in good condition. Usually, people try to dispose of a faulty product when it’s still working.
  2. Is it really second hand is it not third hand? When it comes to small appliances like mini-fridges, it is very hard to know if the person is the first seller or not. Hence, there are some things you should check in a mini-fridge before buying it from a second-hand seller.

Things You Should Consider When Buying a Used Mini Fridge

  1. Age: the age of the fridge also plays a huge role in this list. The older the fridge the more unsatisfactory it is going to work. The ideal age should not be more than 5 years.
  2. Know about the owner: Ask if the person selling the second-hand mini fridge is the original owner or not. If the fridge was previously owned by another person it is probably not a good idea to purchase a third-hand fridge. Ask them the reason why they are selling it.
  3. Inspect the fridge
    1. The mini-fridge shouldn’t have any stale lingering smells. 
    2. Check the temperature of the fridge using a high-quality thermometer.
    3. If the model comes with a freezer (check the working condition of it as soon as you have the unit. Most of the times, people sell it because of the freezer.)
    4. The door magnet should be working properly.
    5. Put a paper in the door and pull it. If you feel a resistance the door works fine.
    6. Measure the dimension of the area where you want to install the fridge and then measure the fridge. They should match for your convenience.
    7. Check the light switch; look for damages in the shelves and the inner and outer body of the mini-fridge. 
    8. DO NOT buy a fridge which is more than 5-8 years old because at that time the manufacturing process was not aimed at making the product energy efficient or durable.
    9. Inspect the drip pans.
    10. Research about the model before paying for it. Look for the availability of spare parts and accessories. 
  4. Display Product:
    You should purchase the same product which was displayed online in the photo. A change in the product might be a fishy deal to worry about. I always recommend people to buy from a reputable source such as Amazon.
  5. Additional parts:
    Ask for any additional parts that the owner has that belong to the fridge. Most of the mini fridges from reputable brands like Danby, Haier, Edgestar, Black+Decker, etc. comes with additional parts that includes shelves, containers, etc and Google if they are readily available on the internet just in case you need to replace them in the future. 

Where to Buy a used Mini Fridge?

If you’ve considered buying a used mini-fridge, you surely must be looking for reputable and reliable sources from where you can buy it. I don’t want you to end up buying the one that sucks, that’s why I’ve listed out the reliable sources from where you can purchase them. I’ve also gone through Amazon and listed out a few renewed models which are really value for money.

  1. eBay: eBay is one of the most trusted sites to easily find a second-hand product and purchase it. eBay is a user-friendly site with good shipping and customer care system. Apart from that, it will enable you to visit the seller and see if the second-hand mini-fridge is working or not.
  2. Amazon: Amazon is also a reliable site to purchase a second mini-fridge. They have strong customer support which helps you set-up the machine. They also repair/fix it in case you find any problems in the functioning. The reviews are also verified and true so you can depend on them before making a purchase.
  3. Craiglist: Craiglist is another popular site amongst American for buying second-hand goods. They take your location and customize the search according to it. You will find listing according to your preferences and need. They however also warn you to not make payments to a person that you have not met which will also mean that you could go to the owner’s place and check the fridge for yourself.

Recommend Used Mini Fridge Models on Amazon:


While purchasing an used mini fridge may be in the best of the interests of your pocket, it might not be so in the longer run. If budget is an issue and freezer isn’t quite important to you, then you can consider getting the mini fridge without a freezer compartment that could reduce a considerable amount of cost.

If you innocently end up purchasing a faulty fridge, you will again spend huge on getting it repaired. You will also have to arrange for its transportation. You’ll also have to live without it when it’s out for repair. Apart from that, you wouldn’t know about the consumption efficiency of the mini-fridge.

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